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Jungkook of BTS Shocks Fans with Fascinating Teaser

Photo Courtesy of BTS' Official Twitter


In 2022, BTS members are showcasing their unique skills in the music industry, with Jungkook being the next member to debut their new project. The first teaser of Jungkook's "Me, Myself, and Jung Kook" Photo-Folio, which included a blurry snapshot of Jungkook, was revealed on August 11 via BTS' official Twitter account, and its vampire style quickly sparked interest among the BTS fandom.

Though the global K-pop group BTS is not currently recording group music, the individual members prepared to release their own content this year. BTS' V appeared in the Korean Disney Plus Original series "IN THE SOOP: Friendcation" alongside his friends, including famous South Korean actors Park Seo Joon and Park Hyung Sik. J-Hope of BTS also launched his new album "Jack In The Box" in July and headlined Lollapalooza 2022 in Chicago's Grant Park.

Jungkook, BTS's youngest member, finally takes center stage with the release of his Special 8 Photo-Folio. Jungkook appears in the first teaser wearing an old-fashioned white collar top. Jungkook looks directly at the camera through dark, ruffled hair, red eyes, and blood splattered all over his mouth. The teaser photo, together with a plain black background, conjures a vampiric motif that the BTS member has selected, with Jungkook presenting a more alluring character to the BTS following.

On August 11-12, BTS' official Instagram account also uploaded fresh teaser photographs of Jungkook in black and white, showcasing a more solemn yet sensual depiction. As of now, the teasers are divided into two categories: Mood 'Day' and Mood 'Inner Self,' which may represent distinct perspectives or thoughts that may be conveyed through the Photo-Folio.

On August 12, the first teaser video for the impending release was released on Instagram, featuring Jungkook in a gothic setting standing in shadows. Close-ups of Jungkook show his serious expressions, with shades of white, black, and red passing in a blur. With a similar cryptic tone, the teaser video hinted at the style of music creation that may also be incorporated in this project.

This project represents the beginning of Jungkook's new content, which will take his solo career to the next level. Along with his BTS singles, Jungkook has directed projects such as "Golden Closet Film," in which he published short films on the BANGTANTV YouTube channel showing some of the group's global journeys through his perspective.

However, unlike other BTS members like Suga and J-Hope, Jungkook has never released an EP or a solo album. So there are high hopes for his new project, which combines his progress as a singer, songwriter, director, and even producer, to be a huge hit.

The BTS following is expressing their support for Jungkook on social media, with over 1 million likes on the first teaser photo on Twitter and over 5 million likes on the Instagram teaser video. Fans are flooding social media with images of Jungkook dressed as a vampire, and this theme looks to be sticking as they wait for more official updates to reveal the dark, mysterious form of BTS' Jungkook.


Edited By: Dawlat Al Hennawy

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