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Lewis Capaldi's Second Album Release

           Over the past few months, Scottish singer and songwriter, Lewis Capaldi has been promoting verses from songs that will be in his new upcoming album. If you have been following Capaldi on TikTok or Instagram, you will see how the singer has quite the way of drawing everyone’s attention to the music that truly pulls on your heartstrings.


            Lewis Capaldi from the beginning of his music journey, has always been true and faithful to himself and who he is, and that is one of the things fans from all over the world love most about the songwriter. He not only isn’t afraid to show his personality through his media platforms but also is fully capable of flipping the switch and showing the world how the songs, he writes are opposite from the contagious personality that he constantly is showing all of us.


            We all first met Lewis Capaldi, and his fame began to rise, when his first album “Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent” came out on May 17, 2019. The world, and Capaldi, knew something was changing in his career when his breakthrough song from the album “Someone You Loved” was introduced. The single’s quick success led to Capaldi’s rise to fame, and in no time, he would be lovingly known as “America’s Sweetheart” by not only the United States but the world.


            Through this album, Lewis not only got to the top of the charts through various music platforms, but also received awards for his new album and music through Scottish Music Awards, Q Awards, Brit Awards, and IHeart Radio Awards, just to name a few. Not only were people being drawn to the depth of his music and the words that he was singing to all of us, but also to the realness of his personality that he let the world in on.


            Lewis then decided to go on a world tour, where he became the first-ever artist to sell out an arena tour before his debut album had even officially come out for the world to see. People have always had a feeling that Lewis Capaldi was an all-around incredible person, and it was obvious through his voice, stage presence, and personality. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that his concert wasn’t going to be one for the books, and as soon as presale hit, tickets were sold out in minutes in 36 different countries.


            In the past few months, the hit singer has given us an even clearer image of who he is and the behind-the-scenes life that he lives, while giving us the documentary through Netflix “How I’m Feeling Now”. Not only does Capaldi openly talk about mental illness and how largely it affects him, but he dives into the hardships of being in the spotlight, and the recent diagnosis of Tourette’s Syndrome that he has been learning how to navigate.


            Not only does the singer/songwriter give people a safe space through his music, but he does so through the comfort of opening about things people are still learning to talk about. This gives space for learning and accepting that mental illness and having hard days/doubts are something that we all have. At the end of the day, we are all incredibly human, and learning how to sail through what it means to grow up.


            Capaldi’s newest album “Broken by Desire to be Heavenly Sent”, comes out at midnight on May 19, 2023. Almost exactly four years later, we are receiving Lewis’ second album, and the fans have been eagerly awaiting the day to come. With this album comes a whole new list of songs that both mean something to Capaldi and, will soon, mean something to us as well.


            After seeing some of the hit singles released such as, “How I’m Feeling Now” and “Forget Me”, there is truly no song that Capaldi writes that does not have a good reaction from people all over the world. Lewis also teases another tour to come after the new album is out and makes sure to keep fans updated on the next steps, he plans on taking regarding his music.


            Capaldi is showing nothing but excitement through his social media platforms, as he continues to tease new songs, as well as older ones, and hopes that fans enjoy this next album just as much, if not more, than his first. We have seen through his documentary and previous music how much of his heart goes into the songs that he writes, and the world can expect to be completely heartbroken by the words he beautifully sings for us.


            So, congrats to Mr. Lewis Capaldi and the beautiful album that is on its way to the top charts everywhere, and make sure to start streaming Lewis Capaldi’s second album at midnight on May 19, 2023!


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