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The Met Gala 2023: The Power of Fashion

This past Monday, May first, the iconic Met Gala took place in New York City, and the world was impatiently waiting for what was to come from celebrities and influencers regarding fashion.


            The Met Gala is what would be best compared to award shows, such as the Oscars, but for the world of fashion. It is a single evening that occurs once every year, other than during COVID, where fashion designers come forward in showing their art through the fabric of Hollywood’s most known stars.


            What is the main goal of the Met Gala and why is it so important to the world of fashion? This is a question that gets asked consistently through conversation and social media, why do we all go to our phones to see who is wearing what, who decided to show up, what is happening in the interviews, and do we as a society like what they are wearing and what the costume means to that specific designer?


            The Met Gala is so incredibly important to the fashion world because it is a large fundraiser for The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, and is generally the primary form of funding for everything that revolves around the breathtaking museum. Some critics love to use their platform to say that the main reason the Met Gala happens is to show their wealth and vanity to the rest of the world; however, this is far from what is truly happening behind the scenes.


            This event alone has a beautiful way of helping raise millions of dollars for the museum and helps show the importance of art to a society that can forget how in need our world is of creativity. The MET requires a large amount of maintenance, improvements, exhibitions, publications, etc. and to keep everything maintained in a proper and clean order, there needs to be additional funds to keep everything running smoothly.


            To even attend the Met Gala, a single ticket will cost you over 30,000 dollars, with about 500-600 people being able to attend the event every year. This means that, on average, 16,500,000 dollars is raised from this singular night alone, and is incredibly needed to keep the world of fashion alive in a way that it radiates its creativity and art to the rest of the world and can continue sharing the importance of all kinds of art in our society.


            Every year, the Gala decides to choose a theme and it can range from anywhere on the spectrum of ideas. In 2018, the theme was titled “Heavenly Bodies”, 2019 focused on “Camp: Notes on Fashion”, and 2021 was filled with “In America: An Anthology of Fashion”. The night of the Met Gala, our social media platforms grow quickly filled with extravagant costumes being portrayed along the carpet towards the event, and hundreds of celebrities can wear art that their chosen fashion designer has been able to curate perfectly for both them and the fundraiser.


            We have seen well-known celebrities such as Zendaya, Blake Lively, The Kardashians, and Rhianna completely embody the art that perfectly paints their body, and we can all be in awe of the creativity of fashion designers that put their entire hearts into the fashion that is covering our screens.


            This past year, the theme changed from a genre to a person. This human is known as Karl Lagerfeld, a well-known German fashion designer who passed away in 2019 at 85 years old. Many celebrities came onto the carpet May first, representing Mr. Lagerfeld while wearing his design, or something inspired by his work throughout his life. He was known as a controversial pioneering designer in the fashion industry and left a mark through his decades of passionate work through his gift and drawing on how fashion is truly a form of expression.


            We saw celebrities such as Florence Pugh (who made her first initial debut on the carpet), Anne Hathaway, Doja Cat, Lizzo, and Bad Bunny. As well as well-known Gala favorites who make sure to make a comeback every year, such as The Kardashians, Anna Wintour, and Jared Leto.


            Interviewers such as upcoming and important influencers to our society, like Emma Chamberlain, give us the behind-the-scenes details of what is going on with various celebrities, whom they are wearing, and why this piece of art that they are wearing means so much to the Gala as a whole. They talk about anything from nerves, what their life is looking like, why the Met Gala is something that should be appreciated by everyone, and how important fundraising for art is to the world.


            With all of this being said, the world of fashion, art, and creativity is incredibly important to our society, and the Met Gala is so much more than celebrities wearing costumes for everyone to see. It represents the truth that art should always be prevalent, and that there is something to be said about allowing room for art to have a large place in our world, even if it only takes it completely over for a single day out of the year.


Edited by: Youssef Jarray


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