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One Piece Dominates Netflix

Netflix took a big risk this past week by debuting a new live action of the iconic One Piece anime. The manga has sold over 500 million books worldwide making it the highest selling Japanese title for 26 years. Now comprising over 1000 episodes, One Piece started airing in 1999 and is still airing new episodes weekly.


Anime live actions films have a reputation for doing badly, however, this did not discourage Netflix or Eiichiro Oda from producing a live action adaptation of his work. He said that due to the advancements in CGI, he felt it was the right time to make this adaptation. Oda was an executive producer for the show throughout filming.


As with any shonen anime, it is filled with adventure, action, and incredible characters to enjoy. Overall production for the adaptation was costly, at 17 million for the first season which was mostly filmed in South Africa. The show centers on a young boy, Luffy, who wants to be a legendary pirate and find a mythical treasure, the One Piece, to become ‘king of the pirates’ 


Since its debut on August 31st, it has ranked with an incredible 18.5 million total views within the first week, ranking 10 in 96 countries breaking records for Netflix’ most streamed title previously held by ‘Wednesday’. All current Japanese voice actors have returned to their current roles of the show allowing returning fans to hear the characters as they know them if wanted. However, one doesn’t need to be a current fan of the anime to enjoy this adaptation as it only covers the early East Blue arc of the anime.


The live action cast


Iñaqui Godoy plays Captain Monkey D. Luffy, a young boy who sails the seas in the hope of finding the One Piece and becoming king of the pirates. The Mexican actor perfectly resembles Luffy for existing fans while inviting newer audiences as the cheerful pirate.


Mackenyu Maeda plays the iconic second hand of Luffy, pirate hunter Roronoa Zoro, a strong swordsman. Yielding three swords at all times, Zoro is mysteriously strong, the first official member of Luffy’s team. Koji Kawamoto, stunt designer for Zoro, was able to create incredible action sequences for Maeda’s character.


Emily Rudd takes on the role of Nami, the strawhat’s navigator. Rudd was able to encapsulate the incredible pain of her character throughout the season, culminating in a stunning portrayal towards the end of the season. while perfectly portraying the sassy navigator at the beginning of the show.


Two more incredible actors joining the strawhats are Sanji and Ussop played by Taz Skylar and Jacob Gibson. Many existing fans were curious about Skylar’s casting, but worries subsided as Skylar took his role incredibly seriously, doing all stunts for the role, training in cooking, Taekwondo, and kickboxing for the role. Gibson has quickly charmed his way into existing fans hearts as he takes Ussops’ personality for numerous interviews with the rest of the strawhat cast.


Smaller roles include Morgan Davies playing Koby, a young boy who wants to join the Marines to help those in need. Jeff Ward as Buggy, the clown, an iconic enemy of Luffy. Vincent Regan plays Monkey D. Garp, a strong marine vice admiral. 

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