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Release of "Start-Up" Kdrama's first adaption in the Philippines

Photo Courtesy of Rappler.com/GMA Network

The GMA Network in the Philippines announced the upcoming release of the Philippine adaption following the popularity of the 2020 hit Korean drama "Start-Up." This is not only a significant undertaking for Philippine entertainment, but Bea Alonzo and Alden Richards, two of the country's most well-known performers, will appear in the show's September premiere.

On August 17, GMA Network aired the first teaser video for "Start-Up PH" on YouTube, in which the two co-stars can be seen playing the lead characters in the drama. Both Nam Joo-hyuk and Bae Suzy, well-known South Korean actors, initially starred in these roles. Nam Joo-hyuk is well recognized for their roles in "Twenty-Five Twenty-One" and "Weightlifting Fairy, Kim Bok-Joo," while Bae Suzy is known for acting and singing capabilities. 

The "Start-Up" drama's great cast and plot helped it become so well-liked all around the world. The main characters, who are set in the entrepreneurial sector, go through the ups and downs of achieving professional success while also falling in love. The ability to transcend one's previous struggles to achieve ambition and forgiveness in the present is a central theme of the drama.

"Start-Up" distinguishes itself from other dramas with its casting, setting, and understandable storyline, in addition to a range of comedy by the close friends of the main characters and thought-provoking detail of character backgrounds. The importance of having different character origins and the value of college experiences are both touched upon in these topics, relating to younger generations.

There are high expectations for the September 2022 Philippine release of the South Korean version, both in terms of the actors filling in the original roles and the quality of the production.

Many South Korean actors, including Nam Joo-hyuk, are well-known in the Philippines thanks to the success of Kdramas, which are known for casting actors that can convincingly portray their roles. Bea Alonzo will be playing the lead in her debut GMA Network role, and her prior roles in films and television programs should have adequately prepared her for this drama after a lengthy absence from the limelight.

Alden Richards, who will be playing the second lead in this drama, is known as Asia's Multimedia Star due to his work as an actor, singer, and in a variety of other entertainment roles in television, film, and concerts. There are hopes that Richards will continue to outperform expectations for his new drama because of his most recent effort as the major male protagonist in the Philippine adaptation of the Taiwanese drama "The World Between Us."

Jeric Gonzales, a Filipino actor, will portray the main male character in the Philippine adaptation of "Start-Up." Gonzales has been active in the media through the GMA Network, with some of his most recent work appearing in the 2019–2021 television program "Magkaagaw." Gonzales' presence was surprisingly absent from the Youtube teaser, thus fans are eager to see Gonzales in upcoming teases.

The Philippine entertainment sector will need to step up its drama productions with technical know-how and filming talents comparable to those of Korean dramas. People will also watch to see if this adaptation can match the quality of the original Korean drama by crafting a plot that is appropriate to the setting and culture of the Philippines. Nevertheless, this localization of a now-popular Korean drama will help pave the way for prospective future translations that could be successful and raise the bar for Philippine entertainment.

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