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Rolling Stone Magazine Reveals List Of Top 200 Singers

Photo Credits To Rolling Stone Magazine

Rolling Stone magazine has released a list consisting of the top 200 singers of all time. The list ranks famous voices like Freddie Mercury, Frank Sinatra, Adele, and many more. Rolling Stone magazine is notorious for ranking different types of musical artists from many perspectives. This list is not the first time Rolling Stone has done a ranking. Rolling Stone has also made lists ranking artists, albums, and songs and ranked them in positions where they rank all time.

Alongside each list, differing opinions upset many music fans. In this specific ranking, fans are very disappointed that renowned singer Celine Dion did not make the ranking. “Leaving her (Celine Dion) off your Top 200 Greatest Singers of All Time list has to be an honest and regrettable mistake because doing it intentionally would be criminal.” Famous sports journalist Bonnie Berstein stated in a tweet. 

Without the inclusion of Dion, there is also another massive number of other well-known musicians who did not make the final list. Musicians include Bruno Mars, Andrea Bocelli, Janet Jackson, Jennifer Hudson, and Madonna. These artists have particular fame solely based on their voices compared to other artists who are more advanced in their music-making capabilities. The artists mentioned missing from the list have massive fan bases committed to their music. With a large community also comes a large amount of controversy and uproar from the people who support them.

Bruno Mars (Photo Credits To Spotify).

The list created by Rolling Stone included artists that fans were satisfied to be included in the list but placed in the wrong spot. The most notable commotion within the list placement is Micheal Jackson. Jackson is one of, if not the best musical artists of all time and is ranked at number 86. No surprise fans of Jackson are furious with that ranking. 

The Great Micheal Jackson, Pictured Above. (Photo Credits To E! Online)

They felt that with his singing ability, Jackson should be re-ranked more respectably. Many fans compared Micheal Jackson's 86th ranking to the other singers who rated higher than him. After seeing the names above him, they believe that placing Jackson that low on the list is not justified.

The top 20 that Rolling Stone choose reads as follows: 

Marvin Gaye

Frank Sinatra

Celia Cruz

Elvis Presley


Bob Dylan

Freddie Mercury

Patsy Cline

John Lennon

Little Richard

Al Green

Otis Redding


Stevie Wonder

Ray Charles

Mariah Carey

Billie Holiday

Sam Cooke

Whitney Houston

Lastly, at number one, is Aretha Franklin.

Since the ranking release, Rolling Stone magazine has not made any changes to the list. Rolling Stone will continue to publish rankings as it is a feature of their scripture when talking about pop culture. Despite all the uproar from the fans, Rolling Stone has not made any comment on the list ranking. On their main Twitter page, they continue to talk about each artist in their list and the qualities they have to be put in that specific spot.

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