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‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Volume 2 Finally Out: The End Is Coming

Stranger Things has indeed proved to be the “Show of the year”. The much-awaited season 4 Volume 2 is finally out on Netflix. The show kept the fans waiting for another part and allowed even more build-up for the rest of the season, owing to a double-bill denouement. After the impeccable success of Volume 1, earlier in the end of May, the show has left viewers awestruck with yet another successfully delivered last two episodes of the season. Despite consisting of merely 2 episodes, the second volume of this season runs for almost 4 hours,  with one episode of 80 minutes duration and the second one being 150 minutes. 


Where do we pick from? The four strings of the show - at Hawkins, Indiana, in 1986, the Hellfire gang are almost out from the Upside Down. The show’s pillar, Eleven, has just restored her powers. The Byer brothers and Mike were on their way to save El,  who was stuck in the middle of a desert. Lastly, The fourth dimension is in Russia, where Hopper and the group are fighting their war against the Russian armies and the very murderous demo dogs. 


It has earlier been revealed in the first volume that the vengeful Vecna is no other than 001, who was the counterpart of Eleven in Hawkins Lab under Dr. Brenner. None other than Eleven who had opened the walls to the Upside Down, sending 001 (Henry) to the Upside Down which also enhanced the evil powers vested with him. Vecna’s last target, Max,  is one of the show’s most beloved and appreciated characters after her stupendous scenes and connection with the audience in the previous parts of the season. 


The second volume has proved very talky, with each character having a tender, watershed two-hander with a significant other. Be it the lament over lost love, expression of young love, or even the reunions that made the most emotional effect. It has no doubt stood out from even the rest of the very outstanding seasons.


 The season has also reflected on the ambiguity over Will Byers’ sexuality. Following the well-delivered dialogue between Will and Mike, where Will is seen passionately expressing his belief for Mike and his contribution to the lives of people around him, especially his friends, is suggestive that Will might be gay. It is backed by his moving speech about learning to live with ‘being different’. 


The latest episodes were more like a coming-of-age reality check for all the characters who were now quick to understand that maybe it is now time for them to fight their respective demons and not escape no matter what. Eddie Munson, a new character this season, has taught us this very important lesson this season, only because this time, ‘He didn’t run’. The show witnesses the unexpected death of Eddie Munson, which can be called more of a sacrifice, in the Upside Down. Despite fans speculating about the death of some characters, fortunately, it did not turn out to be so. 

The characters unite perfectly against Vecna and to save Max, even though they were placed in different parts of the globe - Nevada, Hawkins, the Upside Down, and Kamchatka. The roles played by each of them, especially El, who ‘piggybacked’ Max, have successfully contributed to their joint effort against Vecna. All of them finally reunite in the end, unaware of the deeds and the efforts of one another in their war against evil. 


The reunion worth mentioning must be between El and her dad (Hopper). The scene is worth appreciation with Eleven’s hope winning over anything, the victory of her hope that Hopper would be back. The elements like Hopper jokingly saying that he stole Eleven’s look and their old relationship being cherished again definitely have every viewer’s eyes watery. 


Stranger Things’ inherent structure finally began to be discovered this season, unleashing a framework of revelations about the origin story of Vecna (AKA Henry Creel AKA 001) and the indirect role of the monster (Papa) behind this mess, which came as a shocker to everyone. “He was no monster; he was just a man,” Vecna says of Papa when speaking to Eleven. “That is why he sought greatness in you and me.” The revelations also opened doors for more speculation: Is there a multiverse element to the Upside Down? 

Vecna tells El that when she banished him to the void, “I became an explorer of a realm unspoiled by mankind”—commander of a hive of sentient particles and monsters that absorb its victims’ memories and essences. It also means that survivors of his wrath can feel him. “I can still remember what he thinks and how he thinks,” says Will mournfully. “And he’s never going to stop, ever, until he’s taken everything.” Such statements leave the residents of Hawkins in the middle of a growing mist and evil particles that are now heading toward Hawkins. An apocalypse is near. Perhaps, the end is coming.

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