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Taylor Swift Generated Considerable Seismic Activity During Her Concert

According to Jackie Caplan-Auerbach, a seismologist that works and teaches at Western Washington University, she has found that Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour concert in Seattle, Washington caused notable seismic activity. 

Taylor Swift embarked on her sixth headlining international tour, the Eras Tour, on March 17, 2023.  The tour has been extremely successful, with millions struggling and fighting to secure tickets, the star’s fame and impact are clear. The Economic Times has reported that Forbes estimates that Swift’s tour will gross $1.4 billion, making it the most successful tour of all time. Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour comprises ten distinct acts to represent different parts of her almost 20-year-long career. The show is over three hours long every show. 

The success and star power of Taylor Swift has resulted in earthquake-like seismic activity during her show. On Friday 22 and Saturday 23 July, Swift’s shows at the Lumen Field Stadiums created seismic activity of a 2.3 magnitude earthquake according to a Tweet showing seismic graphs posted by Jackie Caplan-Auerbach.

Both Seattle shows were sold out to audiences of over 70,000 fans each. The largest seismic activity was recorded while Swift performed her highly successful singles from her 1989 album released in 2014, "Shake it Off” and “Blank Space”. The seismic activity was most likely caused by fans dancing and cheering as well as the sound systems.

The seismic activity caused by the concert has been compared to many other large events that created similar magnitudes of seismic activity. In 2011, in Seattle, a similar record was broken during an American football game. The local Seattle Seahawks’ scored a touchdown against the New Orleans Saints. This resulted in what is referred to as the “Beast Quake.” The seismic activity recorded at this event caused seismic activity of a  2.0 magnitude earthquake.

Jackie Caplan-Auerbach noticed similar patterns of activity from both events, which inspired her to closely analyse the data from Swift’s concert. Caplan-Auerbach told CNN, “I grabbed the data from both nights of the concert and quickly noticed they were clearly the same pattern of signals,” she continued, “If I overlay them on top of each other, they’re nearly identical.”

Caplan-Auerbach noted that even if the difference between the “Beast Quake” and Taylor’s Seattle shows seems minute, the shaking caused by Swift’s concert was double that of the famous 2011 touchdown celebration.


Taylor Swift’s Eras tour continues to break records and demonstrates Swift’s star power and influence.

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