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Taylor Swift: Breaking Boundaries As A Woman in a Male Dominated World

Taylor Swift, if you have been paying attention, has been time and time again surpassing constant boundaries that have been given to women throughout the centuries. We have seen this a multitudinous amount of times during her career all the way beginning with her first song released.


In 2006, she was the youngest artist ever to release, write and perform a number one song on the country music charts. From there, she was the youngest person ever to win entertainer of the year and album of the year for her “Fearless” album. Which grew into her being the first artist to take home Grammy for album of the year twice, then winning the most awards ever at the AMA’s with 32 whopping awards given to her. 


Then she grew into breaking countless charts as a woman, whether we were looking at her nominations, awards, top 10 charts, and also being, now, the highest paid female in the past decade alone. Taylor Swift has been the only artist in all of history to claim all 10 spots on the Billboard top 100 in a SINGLE week. All of this leading into the point that Taylor Swift has broken every boundary that she has ever been given in her entire career.


The most recent to be seen is from her currently ongoing Era’s stadium tour, where she became the first woman to play at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas which was built over three years ago. Since she was young, she has fought inside of herself to not only be the best version of herself and give her all into her passion for music, but also to break the stereotypical boundaries that have been put up for too long.This outlook, courage, and perseverance has changed everything in both the music industry and society.


There has been a shift from what the world of music used to look like, and how it appears now. Artists are beginning to realize that they are able to come from any type of walk of life, and if they have enough passion for what they are doing, they have the opportunity to be whoever they want to be. 


Through her music and constant breaking of past boundaries, she has been able to give people something that they might not have had for themselves before: hope.


Not only does her music make you feel something, but her lyrics bring even more to the table. They are all perfectly combined sentences that teleport you to times in your life where those lyrics fit like a puzzle. Her lyrics are so well-written that colleges like New York University even have classes to dissect what is happening behind the scenes of her music. 


If you haven’t spent a lot of time listening to her music before, or you haven’t sat down to hear what her songs are really saying behind the catchy beat that is being played, I highly recommend to sit down and begin truly paying attention to what is really being said. 


Taylor does not just write music to get a check or because she can. She is doing this because it means something to herself. That it has the ability to completely change people and allow them to understand moments in their own life that they couldn’t exactly find the words to explain before. 


For so long, society has viewed her as someone who should be seen as only writing songs about her ex boyfriends, and to be careful dating her because she will write a song about you. Even though mostly everyone in the music industry writes music about their exes, people wanted to have something that could show her in a negative light, to offset the countless success she gains as a female artist in a male dominated industry and, to put frankly, world. Dr. Swift didn't write songs about her exes to get people to pay attention to her, but did so in the way to have her own way of healing by making a lyrical journal of the different chapters of her life to always have to look through.


It is evident, time and time again, that she writes music to give people a safe place to feel whatever emotion they are feeling in the moment. Taylor Swift is the only artist I know of that has a song to describe every type of feeling I am feeling, no matter what that exact emotion is or what stage of life I am in. That alone gives people a place to find clarity and realness to every type of moment in their life, and is one of the reasons she is constantly overcoming everything that comes towards her. 


She has had countless moments throughout her career where people have tried to fit her into a box, make her small, and give this feeling like she is undeserving of everything she has received. Yet, every time she has fought her way through the chaos. Through finding herself, and all of us watching her grow up through all the different phases, we have also been able to learn that no matter what life throws at you, we are all strong enough to overcome it. 


She gives people hope because she has always had hope within herself, and that is why Taylor Swift will always continue to not only break boundaries in the world of music, but also as a woman, and person who believes that we deserve more than what society has to offer us.

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