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‘The Witcher’ season three; The final season for many

Season 3 of Netflix’s “The Witcher” released its first five episodes on June 29, 2023. The high-production, fantasy-action show is a hit among fans but is the only recent adaptation of the initial Witcher story.


Witcher Origin

The story of “The Witcher” began back in the 1990s, in the form of a six-book series, starting with the first book, ‘The Last Wish.’ Although the story originally began on paper, most fans know the story from the 2007 RPG video game. The games took off into the late 2010s and 2020s, creating new themes, storylines, and characters to keep the role-player game going. 

The story follows a medieval era of conquered kingdoms, backing a genetically enhanced, monster-slaying man named Geralt of Rivia. While the books followed one initial plot, the video games grew and expanded on the story to create a continuation of the novel. 

There has been much controversy over the correlation between the TV show and the books/games. Per fan reactions, the general audience believes the show was cast perfectly but failed to follow the proper storyline, as many film adaptations tend to do with pre-written plots. Although the first season seemed to attempt to follow the correct story structure, they soon scrapped that idea by going into season 2.

Much to fan’s dismay, this idea of going off-plot has even ruined the show for Witcher star, Henry Cavill. As the lead of the show, Henry Cavill has played a significant role in bringing this story to life. Cavill had even revealed his love for The Witcher games had gone way back before he was cast as Geralt. 


The Lead's Final Bow

Unfortunately, Cavill’s disagreement with the screenwriter’s choice of direction created frustration and tension during their season two tour, thus driving Cavill away from the show. Cavill revealed in an interview with Philstar that he believed he was no longer portraying a book-accurate Geralt. 

“It’s important for me to have the character be three-dimensional,” Revealed Cavill back in 2021. “And it’s tricky to do, as I was saying earlier, because there’s a certain vision and there’s a certain set storyline and plot. All of my asks and requests were along the lines of just being faithful to the source material.”

Cavill took to Instagram on October 29, 2022, revealing he’d be stepping down from his role in The Witcher after filming season three. The actor also revealed, much to fans’ surprise, that Liam Hemsworth would be taking on his role after his departure.

Many fans put up with the odd direction the show was taking solely because Henry Cavill was continuing as the Witcher, therefore, their reactions were not happy ones. Many fans are commenting on the show’s social media, claiming to stop watching as soon as Cavill leaves.

To many fans, this will be their last season watching the show. Many have hopes that the makers will find some way to wrap up the show with the original cast before moving on with a different lead. Many hope they don’t move forward with another season at all.


Season Three; Volume Two

The trailer for the second volume of season three has been released and fans are brainstorming theories as to how they’re going to execute Henry’s last appearance as Geralt. Will they kill Geralt’s character and bring back a new witcher? Will they continue the show as if nothing’s changed at all?

The last three episodes of The Witcher; Season Three will be released on July 27, 2023, and all of our questions will perhaps be answered.


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