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Trends of Bettering Oneself Take Over Social Media

From beauty tips and tricks to questionable food creations, recent trends among social media platforms (e.g., TikTok, Instagram, etc.) are displaying public figures finding new ways to show off the best version of themselves. Younger generations are using these tips to apply to their own lives. Below are some of the popular trends being spread across social media.


Some typical ways to “better yourself” include avoiding a phone’s blue light and social media first thing in the morning, going for daily walks outside and drinking lots of water. One beauty trend circulating on the internet is the gua sha tool. Influencers have been using this item to sculpt their faces as it's a new addition to their skincare routines. Its shape is designed to fall into the creases of the face, draining as it goes. Teen Vogue talks about this beauty trend, saying it’s “the latest ‘It’ hack” among the younger generation on social media. This affordable tool dates back years as “it’s been refined and perfected by practitioners in China and other Southeast Asian countries and was seen as a healing method for various ailments,” mentioned by Nate Rubin at Teen Vogue. This affordable tool has been attracting generations through its healing roots. Social media influencers have shown how this product can be used, similar to lymphatic drainage. Its popularity derives from teenagers’ ability to achieve the same sculpted jaw-line utilizing this tool in their routines.


Another beauty trend that seems not so trendy is sunscreen. Yes, the skincare item has been around for decades. However, influencers are now starting to appreciate the effects that using sunscreen brings. You might have guessed it, wrinkles no more. “Sun exposure is responsible for an estimated 85% of skin aging, including wrinkles, leathery texture, dark spots, and more.” That statistic alone seems to be the driving factor behind why wearing sunscreen increased in popularity in recent months. The internet is all about being young, and sunscreen is how to do it. Sunscreen items at companies like EltaMD and Supergoop! have left aisles empty with their popularity. Furthermore, An article at Healthline says EltaMD products are “Silky-smooth and soft, this SPF applies and soaks in like a facial moisturizer: quickly and with no sticky mess.” Popular companies say goodbye to sticky, smelly sunscreen. Influencers have begun to use these products, as the same sunscreen comes in a tinted version, acting as a foundation for the skin. 


Though recent beauty trends have been bombarding the internet, so has the “new” direction of working out. As women with flat stomachs and toned arms appear on social media, younger generations attempt to achieve the same look. Though working out has been around since the beginning of time, social media companies use their platforms to promote innovative techniques for losing weight. One example is titled the “12-3-30” treadmill workout. The workout is defined as followed: Participants will walk for 30 minutes at a speed of 3 mph at an incline of 12%. A Women's Health article has deemed this low-intensity workout successful as it states the trend had “64 million views” in September of 2022. This trend hit the internet fast, as it has been a critical factor in users’ workout routines. Certified trainer Anthony O’Reilly says, “The average walking speed is about three miles per hour, so this workout should be doable for people of various fitness levels,” according to Garage Gym Reviews. Though this workout may seem simple, studies prove that the 12-3-30 exercise is successful for everyone. 


With working out comes healthy eating, and Melissa Ben-Ishay, founder of Baked by Melissa, developed the perfect way to do so. Her infamous Green Goddess Salad swept the internet with its vegetable variety. The salad consists of green cabbage, baby cucumbers, chives, and green onions topped with a homemade dressing. This may come as a simple salad, but Melissa gives a pointer that it can be eaten alone, on a sandwich, or her favorite way, eating it with tortilla chips. Sara Tane at The Kitchn reviewed the salad, saying it is “undeniably tasty.” She followed the recipe, encouraging viewers to make it their own, interchanging its simple ingredients. She noted that its popularity might derive from the salad mirrors the look of guacamole, a crowd favorite. This seemingly simple salad remains on the top of every food lovers page.  


Along the same lines of healthy or not eating, creators have been circulating the idea of a “butter board.” The idea is that butter is to be spread across a cutting board in an excellent design and is to be shared. The trend’s popularity came from being obscure and how it can be easily made original. Influencers have gotten creative with their toppings, as the ideas range from garlic and salt to what. Schnur layered Malden flake salt, goat cheese, fig jam, fresh figs, strawberries, honey, red pepper flakes, and the list goes on. This exciting combination has viewers a bit confused. Jessica Roy at The Los Angeles Times gives her opinion that she believes the trend is “gross.” She adds to the comment that “Eating butter that has melted into the scars on your nasty cutting board” doesn’t seem so appetizing. Though it may look good, some viewers don’t agree with the aseptically pleasing board. Brie Gorecki at Tampa Bay Date Night Guide says the trend is “so simple – anyone can make it.” She recommends it to her viewers because of its uniqueness and simplicity. 


TikTok’s lifestyle influencers’ presence remains strong as new trends continue to arise. Whether it’s beauty or wellness, viewers can find what they’re looking for on the internet now.

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