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Dreaming Of A White Christmas: New Forecast Paints A Snowy Canvas For UK's Festive Day

As the holiday season approaches, Britons might find themselves waking up to a winter wonderland on Christmas Day, as new weather maps indicate the possibility of snow sweeping across the UK on December 25. 

According to the latest data from WxCharts, Scotland, parts of northern England, and the Midlands are likely to experience falling snowflakes, turning the landscape into a picturesque scene. The forecast suggests that areas near the Scottish Highlands could witness a substantial snowfall, with predictions indicating a depth of around 25cm (about 9.84 in). 

Cities like Newcastle and Manchester are also in line to be treated to a dusting of snow on Christmas Day, offering residents and visitors alike the chance to experience a rare white Christmas in these urban centers. 

However, the prospects for snowfall in the south of England and Wales seem less promising, with the forecast pointing towards a lack of wintry precipitation in these regions during the festive season. 

NetWeather's recent forecast adds another layer to the anticipation, suggesting that an "Icelandic low" could sweep across parts of the UK, creating an unsettled weather pattern during the Christmas period. Forecasters predict a westerly flow, with some colder north-westerlies in the northern regions. 

While a widespread white Christmas remains uncertain, there is potential for northern parts of the country to witness snow on Christmas Day, particularly if it coincides with one of the anticipated colder north-westerly outbreaks. 

The Met Office's historical records indicate that the last officially recorded White Christmas occurred in 2022, although no snow was observed on the ground. In 2022, a modest nine percent of Met Office weather stations reported snowfall. According to the Met Office's criteria, a White Christmas is declared if at least one snowflake falls within the 24 hours of December 25 somewhere in the UK. 

Contrastingly, 2018 and 2019 saw no recorded snow, further heightening the anticipation for a potential snowy Christmas in 2023. The most recent widespread White Christmas dates to 2010 when an impressive 83 percent of weather stations across the UK reported snow, marking it as the highest-ever recorded snowfall for Christmas in recent memory. 

As the festive season unfolds, residents and weather enthusiasts will be keeping a close eye on the skies, hoping for a magical white Christmas to cap off the year. 

Edited by: Victoria Muzio 

Photo credit: Dmitriy Zub

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