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Heavy Snow Forecasted to Hit UK, Maps Turn Dark Purple

As the United Kingdom braces itself for another bout of severe weather, newly released WXCharts maps are painting a foreboding picture of heavy snowfall across several regions. The maps for January 17 reveal a dark purple hue looming over parts of southwest England, East Anglia, the Midlands, portions of Wales, and extensive areas of the Irish Sea.

The forecast suggests an imminent onslaught of snow, with estimates ranging from one to five centimetres per hour. This wintry assault threatens to cause widespread travel disruptions, reminiscent of previous heavy snowfall incidents in the country.

Northernmost parts of Scotland face a substantial probability of snow, with a 60 to 70 percent likelihood, while southern regions, including London and counties like Cornwall, Devon, Kent, and Sussex, may experience a lower probability ranging from 10 to 20 percent.

Current weather conditions have already gripped the UK in a cold embrace, with snow blanketing countryside towns and villages. The Met Office has issued a yellow warning for ice in southern England and South Wales, effective from 3 pm on Monday to 3 am on Tuesday.

Chief Forecaster for the Met Office, Paul Gundersen, indicated that settling snow could initially be confined to higher ground, but lower-lying areas may also see accumulations later. He attributed the wintry conditions to high pressure dominating the weather pattern, bringing both a chill and snow showers to southern areas of England and south Wales.

With the increasing threat of snow, the RAC has cautioned drivers to exercise caution on the roads. The cold weather is expected to lead to an increase in potholes, as freezing conditions cause roads to crack. The RAC spokesperson emphasised the importance of preparedness for icy roads, especially in the North, southwest of England, and the West and East Midlands.

Aviva's Martin Smith advised drivers to prioritise safety while navigating through snowy conditions, acknowledging the heightened risk of accidents during winter months.

Looking ahead to the forecast for January 13 to January 22, the Met Office anticipates a mix of cloudy conditions, light rain, and drizzle for central and southern areas, while the north may experience wintry showers. As the week progresses, a colder turn is expected, accompanied by northerly winds and a risk of snow showers, particularly in the north. Confidence is low for the latter part of the forecast, but there is a heightened chance of unsettled conditions returning from the west.

Edited by: Victoria Muzio

Photo credit: Magda Ehlers


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