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Glamping Mania: The Eco-Vacation Where Comfort and Nature Coexist

The glamping trend is still spreading across the globe. In Italy, demand for outdoor vacations this year was 178% more than they were in 2021. This brand-new style of luxury camping is becoming more commonplace in both Italian culture and language. The term "glamping," a combination of the words "camping" and "glamour," refers to a form of vacation that mixes some classic camping activities with opulent resort-like amenities. In order to provide tourists with a comfortable experience in tune with nature, modern glamping mixes the conveniences of the past with modern technology.

The prevalence of glamping worldwide

Undoubtedly, the desire to try something new and the excitement of doing so while discovering and appreciating the natural world around us contribute to the success of the glamping style vacation. Statistics on international tourism, which show a turnover of almost 2.1 billion dollars, attest to the phenomenon's expansion. Up until 2025, a growth rate of 12.5% per year is anticipated. England and Italy are the market leaders in Europe. Both are made possible by the unique characteristics of the landscape in these two nations and by the business spirit of those who invested in glamping to provide a different kind of vacation. Given the amenities provided, there are no age restrictions on taking an eco-friendly vacation, thus the age range of consumers is vast, ranging from 18 to 50 years old.

Increase in ecotourism

There has been an increase in interest in nature and the preservation of original ecosystems globally since the epidemic and the consequent migration of people to rural areas. In addition, people now want to spend more time outdoors and engage in outdoor activities. Although one may not want to give up modern conveniences, glamping has become a popular trend because it provides resort-style amenities. As a result, demand is still increasing in Europe, with a growth rate of 11% expected during the five-year period from 2020 to 2025

Italy's glamping

At the moment, there are roughly 10,000 glamping beds in our nation, with Italian glamping tendencies mirroring those of other countries. Tuscany has the most, followed by Veneto and Lombardy in terms of numbers. According to Pitchup data, outdoor vacation bookings in Italy have dramatically increased in the last year. Compared to 2021, bookings have surged by 178%. In fact, one can enjoy a variety of experiences in luxury campgrounds in Italy, whether they are remote in the mountains or busier along the sea. These campgrounds make the most of the area's potential and greatness. 

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