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‘Green Dating’ takes the world by storm

Conversations about climate change and the environment have been taking the globe by storm as millennials and generation z dive deeper into environmental activism. This is now influencing the dating game across countries.


What is ‘Green Dating’?

According to the Nottingham Post, in a post-pandemic world, people have an increased desire to connect with nature and as well as an increased appreciation for the outdoors. What does this mean for dating? Research shared by Bumble, a popular dating app shows that 55% of persons plan on keeping first dates outdoors and active.

According to Naomi Walkland, Head of Bumble UK & Ireland, “Despite the challenges, we’ve seen a number of positive dating trends emerge from the pandemic and ‘Green Dating’ is one that we hope to see continue into 2022. Now more than ever, people are looking to connect with those that share their values and priorities and it's encouraging to see people thinking about how the environment is important in all aspects of their lives - including dating.”

Furthermore, "Compatibility is crucial in forging healthy and equitable relationships, which is why we want to empower people on Bumble to openly discuss things that are important to them. We added interest badges to profiles so that you can showcase your lifestyle, values, and causes that you can champion like environmentalism, human rights, and feminism among other social causes” according to Samarpita Samaddar, India Communications Director at Bumble.

As stated by Med India, data shows that as one of the top value interest badges to Bumble profiles in India is ‘environmentalism’. Out of all persons who opted to select value interest badges, 28% selected ‘environmentalism’.

Countries globally have seen a rise in ‘Green Dating’

Countries on the forefront of ‘Green Dating’ include India and the United Kingdom with trends on the rise. There is an array of ‘Green Dating’ sites and dating applications which allow likeminded individuals to connect based on their love for the environment.

What are the benefits of ‘Green Dating’?

‘Green Dating’ presents an array of benefits to both the individuals involved and the environment which they care for.

1. Increased environmental conversation- with more environmentalists connecting with one another, environmental-related conversations may become more popular

2. Increased environmental outreach- with persons choosing to prioritize outdoor dates and activities, there may be a greater uptake of environmental volunteer initiatives such as beach cleanups.

3. A wider dating pool for environmentalists- with ‘Green Dating’ on the rise, dating fellow environmentalists is easier than ever. Dating apps allowing for value interest badges for example will allow for more like-minded persons to connect with each other.

With ‘Green Dating’ on the rise, will your next first date be outdoors? Here are some environmentally friendly first-date ideas to get you started.

1. Attend a volunteer activity- from beach cleanups to reforestation activities, there is an array of outdoor volunteer activities that you and your date can partake in.

2. Go to a sustainable spot- whether it’s a zero-waste shop or a sustainable café, explore the environmentally friendly spots near you.

3. Go on a nature walk or hike- Reduce you and your date’s carbon footprint for the day by exploring what nature has to offer on.

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