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Cases of Covid-19 on the Rise in the UK

Covid-19 levels are on the rise in all four countries of the UK. As number of infections have stated to spike, the leading scientists in the UK have warned that there will be a new wave of Coronavirus due to two variants of the Omicron strain. 


Figures released last week illustrate that UK infections of Covid-19 have increased by 43 per cent and it is believed the two new sub-variants are to blame. This is alongside the total relaxation of Covid restrictions as well as big events such as the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, large concerts, and festivals like Glastonbury. 


The Office for National Statistics (ONS), based on randomly collected swabs from households across the UK, report the highest estimated infections of coronavirus since April. Tests conducted by the ONS reveal that, in the week ending 18th June, about 1.36 million people in England are thought to have had Covid (which works out to be 1 in 40 people). In Scotland, around 1 in 20 people, or 4.76 per cent of the population, are thought to have the virus in the week ending 17th June. Overall, the ONS estimates that 1.7 million people across the UK had the virus.   


Despite the rise in cases of Covid-19, Coronavirus fell to the sixth most common cause of death in May after dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and ischaemic heart disease. In April 2022, the virus was the third leading cause of death. Between April and May 2022, mortality rates for deaths due to Covid, per 100,00 people, fell from 56.0 deaths to 31.3 in England, and from 58.4 deaths to 33.3 in Wales. It is theorised that this decrease can be contributed to many factors. This includes the result of booster vaccinations and exposure to the virus, which lead to higher levels of antibodies across the population, as well as a reduction in testing due to Covid tests no longer being available for free for most people. 


The fear of Covid is still prevalent in the population. According to the ONS, as of 24th June 2022, 27 per cent of adults in Great Britain have reported that they are still maintaining social distancing measures (whether that is always of often) when meeting up with individuals outside their household. Around 38 per cent of adults have said they have worn a face covering at some point outside their home despite the mandate on masks having been lifted. 75 per cent said they often or always immediately wash their hands after they have returned home from a public place. Additionally, around 1 in 3 reported that they were still worried about the impact that the coronavirus was having in their lives. 41 per cent were scared about the possibility and effects of new variants.

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