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How Can The Human Brain Recognize Happiness?

Happiness is an emotional state in which a person experiences positive outcomes. This article discusses how our brain detects these positive things and how our neural system senses them. Knowing this information allows everyone to have a better understanding of this pleasant sensation.

Consider the following conditions before sharing some scientific facts:

Condition A: You have a slim body and don't have to bother about consuming too many calories. You're starving after a late-night run. In the refrigerator, there's a slice of cake and a cucumber. Why do you think it makes you happy to eat that rich sweet cake?

Condition B: You're overweight, and your partner disapproves of your physique. You began a new exercise routine. You returned home and opened your refrigerator after your first session. Those are your options once again. You are sad after overindulging and eating that slice of cake. Why?

Eating a delicious cake is the same action in both cases. The differences are in how these situations are evaluated in the brain.

The human brain has two parts. One of them is in charge of analyzing, thinking, and making decisions in each situation. The other is in charge of the feeling of happiness regardless of the circumstances.

Let's call them the adult and child divisions, accordingly. The adult part (Prefrontal Cortex) makes decisions based on our previous knowledge and experiences. The child part of you (the Limbic System) wants to keep you alive and be happy without considering situations.

Your inner child enjoys that cake in condition A. You should eat fatty-sweet food if you want to live. Cucumbers provide no calories in return for living. The child side of you smiles every time you eat such food. So, why are you unhappy in condition B?

In condition B, you first made a decision based on your inner child. Your child was smiling while you were eating. Then came the grownup, who reminded you of the situation. What was it, exactly?

Your body was chubby. It is more important to have someone to build a family with than it is to eat a cake. As a result, the adult side began nagging the child side. Smiling became crying.


Now you know what's going on and how to put it all together. It's critical to understand both kid and adult aspects, as well as their connections and ties. Read The Happiness Hormones if you want to learn more.

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