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The Happiness Hormones

For every person, happiness is a pleasurable sensation. When it comes to sensation terms, it means some parts of the human brain are responsible for both evaluation and cognition. For example, when we listen to a wonderful song, our ears transfer some electrical impulses to some part of our brain, and then an evaluation is made.


Some chemicals (namely neurotransmitters) are secreted in other parts, and they cause a sense of pleasure. Finally, we are pleased. There are certain neurotransmitters involved in the process of such feelings. Dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, and oxytocin are major chemicals. Having some knowledge about them helps us to boost our mood healthily and naturally. Firstly, we should know their responsibilities on this route.

What is their role?


Dopamine helps us stay focused and reach our goals. After achieving an objective, the dopamine level grows, and we become happy. It is the reason that scientists call it the "joy of desiring and finding hormones." It has a vital role in human memory and the attention process. Abnormal levels of dopamine trigger some diseases such as Parkinson's and schizophrenia.



It is the natural morphine in the body. It helps the body forget the pains and keep going. Endorphin is a biological treatment for anxiety in which patients are worried or nervous.



When you trust somebody or others trust you, oxytocin is secreted. It is accountable for the sense of belonging. Social phobia is the result of the abnormal function of this hormone. Oxytocin is related to human well-being.



Serotonin affects our digestion, vascular, and nervous systems. In terms of happiness, it is a mood stabiliser and also influences our sexual behaviour and sleep cycle. In medicine, some drugs used for depression like Prozac work against the pathway that is going to decompose serotonin in the body. So, serotonin levels increase through them, and they boost patients’ moods.


How can we increase that amount?

Dividing long-term goals into little steps and telling yourself every day, "Yes, I did it," is a way to increase dopamine in your body.

Laughing and crying are triggers for secreting endorphins. If you read a joke, do not hesitate to laugh. On the other hand, if you are sad, do not tell yourself that crying is a baby habit. Crying can change your mood and make you happy. Listening to music and eating chocolates are other ways to increase it.

Making a good relationship with your partner, gathering together with friends, and eating dinner with your close-knit family are some of the situations in which oxytocin makes you delighted.


Having enough sun exposure is a simple way to increase serotonin levels.

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