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How To Get Better Sleep in 2023

Photo courtesy of Sleep Better Georgia

Good-quality sleep is vital for our mental and physical health. It's possibly one of the biggest contributors to how the rest of your day progresses. Make 2023 your year by practicing good sleep hygiene, or healthy sleeping habits, and striving to catch better rest at night!

A large majority of the population around the world lacks quality sleep. Some people may have a hard time falling asleep, with anxiety and depression making it even harder for diagnosed individuals. These tips I've compiled are sure to improve your sleep hygiene, your quality of sleep, and, let's be honest, your quality of life.

My first tip is to soak up the sunlight right when you get up in the morning. This can look like walking the dog, going for a morning run, or just sitting outside drinking coffee and reading a book. This action helps to set your body clock or your circadian rhythm and will allow you to feel sleepier as night approaches.

You should also practice going to bed and waking up at the same time every day. This also aids in the establishment of a circadian rhythm. While this can be hard to do, especially on weekends, the more you do it, the easier it'll get to follow the habit, and you'll feel the benefits of it and might not even want to stay up late on the weekends.

If you're an afternoon napper who struggles to sleep at night, try eliminating the afternoon nap and see how much better you sleep at night. Long or frequent naps interfere with nighttime sleepiness.

Changing your bedroom atmosphere can also help improve your sleep. Make sure your room is dark and cool, temperature-wise, and it might be a good idea to invest in a white noise machine or turn on your ceiling fan if you have one.

A more sedentary lifestyle could be contributing to poor sleep quality. When you're sedentary, you're not exerting the energy you've replenished while you were sleeping, causing you to extend your waking hours. Try moving your body around a bit more throughout the day, even if it's just a simple walk, and even do it in the morning to set that body clock!

Turn off electronic devices before you head to bed. This includes your phone, laptop, and TV. Try not even having a TV in the bedroom or leaving your laptop in the living room or home office. Exposure to blue light from electronics disrupts melatonin levels, the hormone necessary to help you fall asleep.

Of course, you don't have to accomplish all these tips in one night's sleep. Try adding one habit for one week and then adding another on top of the first one the next week to prevent you from completely changing your night routine and ultimately preventing you from getting any good sleep. Hopefully, these suggestions will help you get more rest and get your 2023 off to a good start!

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