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WHO’S Maria Van Kerkhove explains why Omicron is transmitting so efficiently

India reported more than 1.59k new cases of Covid on Sunday amid the continued rise of Omicron. Daily positivity increased to 10.21%. Omicron has been rising drastically all over the world. To which World Health Organization’s Maria Van Kerkhove explains why omicron is transmitting so efficiently. She also stresses 3 reasons for its fast spread plus a couple of things which are very important for everyone to follow.

Maria tweeted a Video where she listed three reasons- first is the mutations carried by virus that can easily attach to human cells. It has a mutation that makes this possible. Second is that we have what is called immune escape. Meaning people can be infected. Third reason is that omicron replication is seen in the upper respiratory tract which differs from delta and other variants, including inherited strains that replicate in the lower respiratory tract, lung. Therefore, the combination of these factors makes the virus more easily spread.

Further Maria says that, “ with omicron, what we are learning is that your risk of getting severe disease from omicron is less than it is for Delta. But the sheer volume of cases that we are seeing around the world is astonishing.”. Moreover, despite the low risk of hospitalization, a large number of people still in need of clinical care are hospitalized, that will overburden the system.

Further in the video she lists down few important things that should be followed by everyone.

1. Get Vaccinated when it's your turn. Vaccination provides incredible protection against serious illness and deaths of people, including Omicron and Delta, both variants are endemic. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that the most vulnerable people in all countries are vaccinated.

2. In addition to this Maria states,” We need to make sure that we have good systems in place to detect, so good testing systems, getting people into clinical care pathways, so that they can receive the care that they need. And then everybody else has a responsibility as well to keep yourself safe. So adhere to measures that keep yourself safe.”

After this vast spread of omicron all around the globe, we should do our part in protecting ourselves from this deadly virus. And never forget to wear a mask plus keep yourself distanced. To try and get this virus under control everyone should try and avoid or postpone any large gatherings. What is really important at this point is to minimize exposure to minimize the number of cases. Thus, they have the effect of degrading the health system, as well as other areas.

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