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No Improvement In China-U.S. Relations: A Possible Decline until Dead situation?

The United States and China are undoubtedly two of the most powerful Nations in the world, whether, in terms of Economy, Trade, Military, or Geopolitical influence, the two countries largely dominate the global scenario. With the collapse of the USSR and the end of the Cold War, the US emerged as the sole superpower, influencing international events across the world. For nearly two decades the American hegemony remained unchallenged, but the rise of the People's Republic of China has posed significant challenges to the American predominance in recent times. 


US-China relations have been on a decline because of increasing tension due to China’s military and expansionist policies, its alleged human rights abuses, allegations about spying on the US, theft of data, its intense trade war with the US government, etc.  


The American government and the Chinese leadership have been at war over several Political and strategic issues The American support for the independence of Taiwan from China (which China regards as its part and believes that Taiwan needs to be reunited with the Chinese mainland) the US government’s stance the human right abuses in Hong Kong at hands of the Chinese government, several trade restrictions imposed by the two countries on one another, counter allegations for the spread of COVID-19, the US-China conflict related to South China Sea, etc.  


The US-China relations have not had any significant improvement even under the Biden administration. The Biden Administration’s continuation of the trade war initiated by Donald Trump, remarks by President Biden calling out Chinese leadership and government at various events, shooting down of the alleged Chinese spying balloon in American airspace, a ban on Tik Tok concerning national security, and American disapproval of the Chinese support to Russia during the Russia Ukraine war, are just a few examples of the escalating tension and conflict between the two countries. The U.S. regards China as its main threat.   


India, too, shares rather unpleasant relations with China. Recently the Indian government banned the import of laptops, tablets, and computer servers which were either largely produced or assembled in China. Recently Apple Inc. also announced that it will start manufacturing its products in India, this comes as a move to draw production and revenue away from China as both the U.S. and India share bitter relations with China. 



All these factors hint towards a potential conflict with China. As China shares close diplomatic relations with Russia and North Korea, it can be expected to see them allying in case of a possible conflict. The U.S. government has often taken a stern stance against rising Chinese power and militarization and can be seen as a major opponent if such a situation arises. 

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