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The Allure of the Unknown

All over current news headlines, there is a circulating discourse surrounding a lost submarine located 600 miles off the coast of Cape Cod. This ship was initially embarking on an exploration journey to see the long offshored Titanic shipwreck but found adversity in the process. 


The submarine, named the Titan, was en route to visit the wreckage of the Titanic where they were met with a catastrophic disaster. As of Thursday afternoon, the passengers were pronounced dead. The situation evoked reactions of fear and anxiety throughout the world, leading people to wonder why one would put themselves in that compromising situation in the first place. 


The passengers on the ship were described as adventurers and pathfinders. They were thrill-seeking millionaires looking to see the most humanly possible phenomena in a lifetime. Unfortunately, the monetary privilege that they were given to see these extraordinary locations is what ultimately killed them.


The current situation 


The submarine, named the Titan, shared a similar name to the Titanic, which adds an intriguing connection between the two vessels. Additionally, the Titan was also boasted as indestructible, reminiscent of the claims made about the Titanic before its voyage. People from all around the world are captivated by the story of the Titan submarine and are invested in the loss and tragedy surrounding it, much like how the tragedy of the Titanic has lured attention for many decades. 


The small submarine, accommodating only five passengers in the pitch darkness of the Atlantic Ocean, is a chilling image to imagine for most. Some individuals who have taken similar trips have reported instances of getting stuck at unsurvivable depths and having to physically shake the vessel to free themselves. Others have shared accounts of power outages and loss of communication with the surface during their dives. These anecdotes from real-life experiences further enhanced the intensity and public anxiety surrounding the situation. The combination of the eerie similarities to the Titanic and the conditions of the deep ocean contributed to the intrigue and worry all over the internet.


What this situation brings to light 


This tragic situation begs the question: Why do people have a strong desire to witness such dangerous sites when it puts their life at risk? The ability to visit destinations that most likely enforce a limited lifespan, like the Great Barrier Reef or other natural wonders with an internal ticking clock, is an understandable human desire. People want to see sights that will not last forever, but from a financial standpoint, it is often unattainable for most. For many individuals, visiting these destinations remain within literature or cinema, without monetary constraints. On the other hand, "last chance destinations" hold a significant allure for the ultra-rich, likely because they are among the few individuals who possess the financial means to visit these exclusive locations. 


One particular passenger aboard the lost submarine embodies this desire: Billionaire Hamish Harding. He has a unique talent for finding and exploring sights that the average person may never even dream of encountering in their lifetime. From venturing into the Marianas Trench to going into outer space, he has made it his mission to witness extraordinary things. His record-breaking achievement of spending the longest time exploring the deepest part of the ocean even earned him a spot in the Guinness World Records. 




While the desire to witness something extraordinary is within human nature’s desires, the tragic loss of life that ensues, much like in the Titanic sinking and the destruction of the Titan vessel, this desire would not be deemed worth the risk by the majority of individuals. Despite the thrill, there are some phenomena within the world that are simply not meant to be seen in the flesh.

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