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The Fashion Blogger: An Interview With TheBernieBlog

I got the opportunity to chat with the creator of The Bernie Blog, a fashion blogger who has over 22.2k followers on her Instagram (@thebernieblog) and 120k "Likes" on TikTok (@thebernieblog) to discuss the opinions she was able to form about the communicational world from a blogger's perspective.


How would you define a blog?


“For me, a blog is a space where everyone can feel free to interact and immerse themselves in the content they like. I always say that a blog is social media with all the media and without the social part. That's a big part of what I like: consuming what you enjoy and hearing opinions from people whose perspective you value.”


What is your blog about?


“My blog, The Bernie Blog, which I started around 2017, is mainly about fashion and recommendations on beauty and how to achieve certain looks. I post pictures of clothes I like and suggest to my followers where they can get the pieces I’m wearing to put together their outfits. I also talk about trends and what I notice on other networks like Pinterest for what will be 'in' for the upcoming season or year.”

Where did you get your inspiration to get started?


“I grew up watching Youtubers and influencers who kept talking about the clothes they had and how to combine them, which along with movies that were trending when I was growing up, like Clueless or The Devil Wears Prada, sparked a huge passion in me for clothes and dressing in general. I thought about studying fashion design and production but quickly realized that sewing was not my talent. I like to look at clothes and automatically imagine other pieces to match them. I figured that a fashion blog would help me in the future as a stylist, so I started giving my opinions on the subject, and people liked what I had to say.”


How was the process of choosing the theme, color scheme, etc.?


“I didn't think about it that much. I knew from the start that I wanted it to tie in with my brand, which I like to think of as fun and light but sophisticated at the same time. When I describe it like that without visual aids, it's hard to imagine, but I wanted to include many colors and aesthetic photos in collage format. I am very addicted to the Pinterest app, where you can find millions of images that align with your aesthetic, and I already had photos that I knew I wanted to include. 


When I started, I uploaded photos of my fashion icons like A and Ia Chung. I quickly got the hang of it and added other aspects like motivational quotes and highlights that further separate the sections I wanted to touch on, like nail care, combinations, brands I like, trends, interior design, and unboxings, among other things.”


How do you get views?


“At first, the topic of views worried me a lot, but then I realized that social networks are designed to increase the number of people who see your page. I started with related hashtags and frequent uploads to show that it wasn't my plan to start and stop after a while. I wanted people to know that I planned to be consistent and constant. It also helped me to promote my new account on other social networks and to meet people at events within the fashion industry who may have helped me with exposure.”


Do you have a favorite fashion journalist?


I don't follow specific fashion journalists; I focus more on magazines. Each magazine hires the journalists that feel fit their desired image, and I stick to that. It would be overwhelming to have to follow one journalist through different media. I know the editors-in-chief of popular magazines like Anna Wintour for Vogue, Jessica Pels at Cosmopolitan, and Celine van Heel of L'Officiel.


Do you consider bloggers journalists?


In a way, yes. I understand, of course, that to be a journalist in the academic sense, you must have gone to university to study journalism and have a degree. Still, I see journalists primarily as communicators of relevant and current events. Although bloggers do it in a more informal or opinionated way, I feel they serve the same purpose overall.


Would you say that blogs are going to overtake journalists? Why?


“In my opinion, both are essential parts of the communication system. The issue with journalists is that unless they express themselves through an opinion column, what they provide is purely objective and informative. They don't have the opportunity to create personal bonds with their readers and always have to have a more formal stance. Bloggers, on the other hand, are their bosses. 


A blogger's work is purely their own opinion and does not have to be consulted or monitored by anyone else, plus they can write colloquially and quickly relate to their readers. I wouldn't say one is better or more replaceable than the other because both are communicators who offer their information differently.”


Do you follow other related blogs?


“It depends if we can consider Instagram accounts as "blogs." I have many acquaintances from hanging out in the fashion world who also do things and posts similar to mine that I feel deserve recognition. An example might be Luna Fair (@lunisfeir on Instagram) and Ornella. They both make exciting posts on Instagram about fashion and trends.”


Fashion blogs are highly esteemed in the blogosphere since they have the most views in addition to lifestyle and travel sites. They considerably influence trends because of their exposure to different brands through their posts. They have access to free garments (from collaborations) and favors from clothing companies. In addition, these bloggers are often invited to fashion shows in the front row.



Since there is such a variety of fashion blogs, there are many options for each person to find one that aligns with their style, which means new blogs are constantly being launched because as time goes by, recent trends and ways of dressing emerge that lack representation in the blogosphere.

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