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The Curiosity That Journalism Demands Connects The Planet

What does it mean to be a journalist?

Your morning is unlike anyone else's, an unfamiliar morning, not a peaceful one. I don't find myself drinking coffee and having pastries, but periodically checking social media and media agencies in the morning to read what news is happening in the world. As a journalist, I feel that if I do not keep up with current events, the world will surprise me.

The rush to not miss any information and have the opportunity to write about it is what will make your morning differ from someone else’s morning. The pressure will always be with you, it is a test of speed.


Events used to appear as if they were happening very slowly, as if the world was walking slowly, taking its time to recover before the technology revolution. However, today's event are the  hour's event, In Lebanon, for example, social and economic problems abound, and the country witnesses from time to time bloody events, such as the Beirut port explosion on August 4, 2020. What makes working in an eventful environment a fertile and tiring environment for a journalist. And the most important events are soon extinguished after struggling to continue for other days in the context of interests.

Some events are instantaneous, as they have been for thousands of years to the present day, but today we want to document the incoming and outgoing. The constant coverage of news requires you as a journalist to carry out a task that may have been more difficult than before by regularly reading and following your professional field.


While journalism is a profession of trouble for some, it is suitable for curious people who do not feel the pleasure of life on its margins, but rather in its depth. People who become the event without stealing its luster will excel in the field.

For Georges Sadaka, the dean of the Faculty of Information in Lebanon, the Lebanese media market is witnessing the same problems that the Lebanese labor market suffers from in general. On the other hand, there are many graduates from this specialty and the unemployed, because journalistic work requires intellectual and individual effort that does not come easily.


The lengthy hours of researching, writing, and reporting might make the journalist field appear tedious, but it is not. It is filled with a vast quantity of knowledge that journalists are given and are now in responsibility of sharing with the world.

Being a journalist entails more than simply what people tell you. To be a journalist means to be the image of the society that raises many questions in the arena of daily life, and to be first and foremost an individual who is inseparable from being one of the nucleus of society.

A journalist’s task is to own the mechanism to ask the people’s questions in places and with people whom you consider to have satisfactory answers, or to create more questions in the event that you do not reach the answer that satisfies your raging curiosity.


The importance of the personality of a journalist lies in the extent to which they respond to this motive, which begins with its accumulation and burden through unceasing reading and research, and therefore from his readiness as a personal trait that he possesses. The world has always needed this ability to move and keep it going, beyond the article, the radio, the TV station, the pages and the websites.

Because we all share the social characteristics as human beings of having a curious mind, this world cannot be devoid of the mediator who transmits the news. Therefore, journalism is no less than any other human profession, for it is what connects the planet.




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