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The Suffering Of Women An Overview In And Around The World

Women have suffered and are still suffering from deprivation, abuse, or pressure and diminishing of their rights, especially the right to inheritance, which necessitates the creation of a civilizational and cultural development in society's attitude towards women, and raising awareness of their rights .



The stories of the suffering of women in their private lives are many and varied, and in work environments there are stories that may not be believed by the mind, there are clear male domination and desperate attempts to diminish the status and intellect of women and their ability to make the right decision and their right to assume higher leadership positions and try to distort their image in any way.



There is no difference between a male and a female in the rights and professional duties and assuming positions, but unfortunately, in some societies, women, who are strong, qualified and experienced, are deprived of their rights in the work.


The suffering of women extends on the world map, and the most painful reports are confirmed by the World Economic Forum when it clearly indicates that women need centuries to achieve parity around the world.


In addition, so-called “honor” crimes are still being committed against women from time to time in many countries of the world in general, and Arab countries in particular. 


The general lockdown measures resulting from the outbreak of the Coronavirus have contributed to an increase in cases of violence against women and girls in various parts of the world, according to studies and statistics.


These crimes, was the strangling of Lebanese Zina Kanjo, by her husband, raised widespread condemnation on social media, without turning into issues of public opinion. Perhaps more seriously, these crimes are still being justified by flimsy pretexts, while domestic violence is still considered a private family affair in various countries of the world, including the Arab countries.


Discrimination against women:


Equality in rights between men and women is the desired goal when dealing with the issue of women’s rights, which is a fundamental principle of human rights. Discrimination against women has been the main obstacle to achieving gender equality, this discrimination that is rooted and reproduced through gender-based violence. 


This discrimination is produced through the prevailing value system in society, which includes the prevailing culture and religious thought, which gives the sacred male discourse, and which considers violence (material and symbolic) practiced against women its most important basis in an atmosphere of impunity for perpetrators and violators of women's rights. 


According to critics, all of the above detracts from women’s freedom, rights and dignity. The woman is half of the society, and she is considered the basis of society, as she is the one who educates the generation that will grow up in the society.



Critics say that women’s rights are summarized in not being enslaved by any human being, no matter what, because women have complete freedom to choose all that they want as long as it does not harm anyone, meaning that it is a woman’s right to complete her studies if she wants to, and no one has the right to force her to leave her education, whatever the reasons.


A woman has the right to complete her education in the field of her choice, whether her parent's wish or not. Likewise, the woman has the right to work in a suitable job. Such as being a doctor, teacher, engineer, writer, nurse, and other work that women love.



Women should enjoy rights that guarantee them to live in freedom and dignity, free from fear and exploitation. These rights have been clearly stated in international human rights law through some conventions such as the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, and women’s rights are among the laws and policies.


Granting women their rights entails changing the way different societies and countries treat them, including adopting new laws and policies, and paying attention to their own organizations, Which contributes to the prosperity and progress of society. Among the rights that women should enjoy is the following: right of political participation. 


A woman must firmly establish in her mind that she was born a human being and must fully enjoy her rights from a humanitarian and not discriminatory standpoint, only then can the caricature has been drawn will come by society of women will change. Otherwise, how do we explain the continuation of the debate in an issue that Frederick Engels and Karl Marx talked about, and which is still controversial to this day?


 Edited by Palak Chauhan 

























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