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Christianity Is A Contradicting Fallacy.

There is a fine line between Christianity and an ignorant –racist –patriarchal society. Christianity always held such authority over America, dating back to the late 1820s. It's interesting, though, how its masteries favor White and men. This land belonged to Native Americans before White people decided to make it theirs through the use of Christianity and the contradicting fallacies of the Bible. They could take hold of what wasn't theirs and justify the wrongful doings and their dirty slaughter by claiming that the Bible made them more superior than any other race and gender because they were White men. According to them, the Bible said that being a White man granted the privilege of being on top in society –putting anyone who didn't fit that description at a disadvantage to a fair life. It's as if they honestly believe that God left them in charge of the world. As if they really thought that the enslaved were uneducated and they weren't going to question the unfair religious propaganda enforced within their land. Christianity contains such a Whitewashed and patriarchal concept that we notice its harmful effects still manifesting worldwide today.

There is no arguing against the fact that it is the dominant religion, which is frightening because every word it utters is full of blatant ignorance that puts anyone who isn't an Aryan White man at risk of systematic enslavement. Yes, Christianity says Whites are in power, but not if you are a woman; Christianity leaves the throne to men but not if you are Black. If you happen to be Black and a woman, then you don't belong in society, and neither Black men nor White women are to fight for you when fighting against oppression towards Black people and women.

For example, looking back at the feminist movement; the discrimination and prejudice that Black women endured were consistently overlooked and ignored by White feminists. The Black Lives Matter movement, whose purpose is to bring attention to police brutality against Black people, tends to somehow direct the focus of the trend toward Black men, all while neglecting the fact that Black women "make up 20 percent of the women fatally shot by the police and 28 percent of unarmed killings." The Current State of Black Women, Police Violence, and What We Are Doing About It - YWCA USA

We were so eager to protest against the murder of George Floyd; so angry for what Chauvin was capable of doing to a Black man with no consequences –but where was that anger when 26-year-old Breonna Taylor was murdered in her sleep at the comfort of her home in Louisville, Kentucky? Christianity provides the space for its people to scream "all lives matter" in contradiction to Black people begging for some empathy from the system. It gives its people the benefits of enforcing "my body my choice" in protest against the COVID-19 vaccine but not regarding women and abortion rights. Of course, a fetus should not be killed –but let's look past the gun law that allows anyone to walk onto school grounds and shoot young children and teachers to death. It's all so twisted, and the Government being run by traditional –old –wealthy –White men who swear on the Bible after every wrecking decision is why this country will forever favor the Rich, the White, and Men.

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