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How Al is disrupting the industry?

Open AI has released Chat GPT, a new tool that writes stories and codes. It can take away the jobs that are done by humans like copywriting, answering customer services, and writing news reports and legal documents. As AI improves with time, it will take away jobs that are now done by humans. AI or artificial intelligence will take away more jobs with the enhancement of technology.


But AI at the same time will create more jobs and different kinds of companies. The more jobs are taken away by the AI the more it is disrupting the industries and the working population. But the main question is how well can it do cognitive tasks and how well can we adapt. We need to adapt to AI so that we can engage ourselves in work along with the technological boons of AI.

The main job left is how to resign the industries and economic systems. 




We need to engage the working population so that automation does not render the working population jobless in the future.AI have completely taken over the maps, traffic, and where the drivers should turn but the act of driving does not change fundamentally. Taxi drivers can use AI and digital tools combined with mobile phones to help them drive faster and safer. The taxi industry has used AI to take the industry to become more technologically enhanced and become better. Uber has used AI to deliver and dispatch more efficiently and perform better. Uber has seen popularity in recent times and more and more of the workforce population has joined Uber.

The workforce in Uber has increased by ten times. Security, location, tracker, dispatch and pricing are the main aspects where AI has brought about technological invention, but still further innovation is required in these fields.


AI can take over the field of writing by writing grammatically correct paragraphs, this will help millions of people to write better. With generative language models, AI can take over the work of writing ideas in a grammatically correct way. But this will impact in differentiating who is capable of writing better.

Chat GPT is not the only tool that does any work more efficiently than humans.DALL-E from Open AI provides images. Graphic designing has also reached its highest scale with the help of AI.


Periods of hardship and economic pain will be endured by those who will not be able to adjust to the advent of AI. We have to harness new capabilities to help society as a whole to benefit from the advent of AI. Future growth will depend on the adoption of AI on a large scale.AI can replicate labour activities at a large scale and speed. It has affected steel manufacturing industries and other manufacturing industries that require manual labour.AI software works with ninety-three per cent accuracy.


Workforce and organizational challenges are the main challenges to be faced by leaders with the technological bliss of AI.

Healthcare, autos and transport, financial and legal service, manufacturing, agriculture and retail are the main industries where AI has brought about enormous change with the help of automation, machine learning, computer vision along with robotic systems. Diagnosis, support and advice in healthcare are supported by AI nowadays to a large extent. Speech recognition in mobile phones and language transitions with the help of artificial intelligence has helped to mould the future.


But dependency on artificial intelligence will snatch away millions of jobs if we are unable to adapt to the changes. We need to bring about economic and organizational changes to stop the working population from being jobless and engage them in working with AI

AI helps to interact with customers. Data collection and analysis can also be achieved by AI but the critical problem-solving capacity cannot be achieved by the AI. Google has successfully used AI to lower the energy consumption but Google had to propose the initial parameter so that the machine could obtain the data. For small advances the outputs of AI are good but on bigger fronts, the outputs are not so good.


Edited By: Kavya Vengkateshwaran

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