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Kavya Venkateshwaran
Bangalore / Glasgow

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Kavya Venkateshwaran (Born: 16/06/98) is the Editor for TST. She is a creative writer who has published her poetry in numerous anthological publications.

She developed a passion for history and philosophy during her days in the debate team at SRMIST. Now, she continues to channel the same through her editorials. She hopes to contribute to this organisation by doing her part in this youth-based movement. Her goal is to inspire her readers to bring a positive change in their philosophical outlook, be mindful of history, and contribute to a progressive future.

After graduating with a Masters in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Glasgow in 2022, Kavya Venkateshwarn is currently pursuing her career within the aviation industry. She lives in Bangalore, India.

Her hobbies include playing multiple instruments including the piano, the ukelele and the flute. She also enjoys reading and horseback riding.

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