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Should Unvaccinated People be allowed to Travel

Should unvaccinated people be allowed to travel?

What are the risks unvaccinated people bring when they travel abroad? A lot of people are still unvaccinated from covid, but should they be allowed to get on a flight and fly to Spain or the USA? Some people think yes while others disagree. Many countries in the world are trying to reopen tourism to support their economy.

There are many risks of unvaccinated people travelling. One of the risks is we may go into a lockdown or go through the pandemic again, and we do not want that. Many countries are easing the restrictions on travel and allowing travellers to visit their country without a vaccine. Thousands of people lost loved ones to the virus. Although we have the vaccine, people are not willing to take it. Some of the countries which allow travel unvaccinated are Greece, Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Maldives, and Italy.

A lot of countries at first had rules and laws in place to stop people from travelling unless they were vaccinated. Some of these rules included you had to do a covid lateral flow test before or you had to have a vaccine passport to show you had all the vaccines. There were other restrictions some countries had. Some required you to isolate for at least 14 days after flying out to that country while some had you take lateral flow tests or PCR tests 72 hours before you flew out. Many countries are still denying entry unless you are fully vaccinated. Countries are still enforcing a self-isolation period and you must show a vaccine certificate before travelling. Although countries are allowing unvaccinated people, many people are still wary of travelling, we can’t blame them as for at least two years we were in a pandemic and couldn’t leave our houses without a face mask.

Since many countries rely much on tourism to support their country’s economic status, they suffered,  from small businesses to big brands, hotels, restaurants, schools, banks etc  everything was put on hold for a long period of time. Many businesses had to shut down completely because they struggled to survive and couldn’t recover without the income. Most countries like the UK, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Sweden. France, Australia and the USA implemented furlough. tried to help cover the cost for many businesses by creating a scheme called furlough. The scheme only worked for some countries, and it didn’t last for long period. A lot of families had to turn to food banks to try sufficing the hunger for their families. Overall without tourism many people suffered and still are suffering even though its opening back up for tourism.

Countries are now re-inviting tourists to come back yet some places still have restrictions which is understandable. Given that we were in a pandemic for so long a lot of countries are more cautious and nobody can blame them for being little wary about it.

There have been a few incidents where people have made fake vaccine cards for people who never had the vaccine, and they were willing to travel and risk the lives of everybody else without caring about the consequences In another incident, fake vaccines were being mass produced and given out to people with just distilled water in the vials. Similarly, there was a case in Poland where a man had vials filled with anti-wrinkle liquid to use. Hence, the countries had to be really careful opening up to allow tourists back.

Many countries are just starting to let tourists back without having any restrictions holding them back or denying them entry. This means that even if you aren’t vaccinated you can still enter that country. Some countries suggest you self-isolate for a period whilst you are there, but it’s not enforced upon you. Most if not all countries are lifting restrictions because they are desperate for tourism, and they need it back to survive and cope with their losses again. Some countries you can visit without having to worry about face mask PCR or lateral flow tests, are Cyprus, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Lithuania, Mexico, Madagascar, Maldives, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Romania, Turkey, USA, Vietnam and Yemen. You also don’t have to worry about any sort of vaccine or proof of it in these countries.

On the other hand, there are still some countries where you must deal with restrictions and be fully vaccinated. One of these countries is Brazil. You need to be fully vaccinated and have a vaccine certificate to show it as a proof and if you aren’t fully vaccinated you are not allowed entry unless you are a resident. For Canada, you must have absolutely no covid symptoms, you and have to wear a face mask on flight and in terminals but if you must have a medical certificate, you can be selected to take a test on arrival. If you aren’t vaccinated, you must have a PCR test taken at least 72 hours before your flight. Similarly, countries like Singapore, Netherlands, Spain and India require you to be fully vaccinated too. 


In conclusion, travellers should be able to travel abroad countries, they should take the necessary cautions and be aware of what restrictions they may have to face when they get to that country. They should also keep in mind that more countries are going to be more expensive to recover their losses for the last two years.

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