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Should we give teenagers more responsability


Teenagers are energetic, fresh minds and curious individuals capable of doing many things. Yet they are still treated like young children and expected to act like adults. This gives them mixed signals. We should provide teenagers with more responsibility to allow them to learn things they need later in life and it's also a chance for them to prove that they are becoming mature and are not little children anymore.

There are so many tasks we can give teenagers yet we still do their chores for them like they are babies and parents wonder why teenagers don’t do basic tasks that we think they should be able to do. Tasks they should be able to do are picking up their own laundry, doing their own dishes, sorting out their own clothes, getting up and ready for school, keeping on top of their own homework, and so on. Yet, there are so many teenagers out there who have no clue on how to do some of these things and it's because parents spoonfeed their children too much in life. 

There are many reasons to give teenagers more responsibility. A few reasons are they will need to learn everyday skills, it is best to learn skills whilst young, they can rely on you as their parent you or guardian instead of having them figure out when they are older and turn to the internet for basic tasks. This will allow them to feel more mature. It will allow them to learn valuable life lessons. It will also make them feel secure to go out in the world one day and know they are more prepared for what life can throw at them. It can also make them realize that their parents won't be around forever and awaken them to the fact that whether they like it or not they have to do stuff for themselves one day. 

There are many reasons for giving teenagers more responsibility. Another few reasons include it prepares them for life and gives them a chance to learn how simple and easy things are if they start young.  Yes, it may be annoying and some pain but its it'sy until they form such habits. It allows them to grow. Also, it lets them learn and make their own decisions and learn about consequences if they don't do the correct thing at a certain time.

Yes, being a teenager can be difficult. We all had our moments as a teenager, our mood swings, cravings, and puberty. Teenagers get mixed signals and with everything else going on in their life they need stability. One way they can be stable is by being given responsible tasks which brings them growth and understanding of life. Everyone needs a routine or stability there is no doubt about it. There is no running from it. Instead of going into the world unknown, they can be taught young so they are prepared for the world when they are off from their nest. Wouldn't you want your to be child prepared for such circumstances?


Another perk of giving teenagers responsibility is they learn from making mistakes. Teenagers can be held for their mistakes. If they make them now they are less likely to make them later in life if they can learn from them. It gives them a feeling of self-worth as well. Many teenagers act and lash out because they are growing up and aren't sure how to handle their emotions in life at certain points. So, if we give them responsibility it can help them make smart decisions and give them self-worth so they feel good about themselves and they are able to grow and learn more and more useful life skills.


When teenagers feel worthy, they form various opinions about what works and what doesn’t. In addition, they also start forming their views on education, their upbringing, their lifestyle and their interests from books, music, art, cultand ure to things that are trending. These opinions about themselves and the world around them make them gain self-assurance views are important as they make a person empathic, generous, smart, funny, creative, intelligent, etc.


It is quite ufair that teenagers can drive and get jobs, and perform the basic skills needed in life to survive. They can even vote yet they may still be treated like they are little.

If we give teens responsibility, what is the worst that could happen? Nothing much. It's not like we are putting them in charge of someone’s life.  Doing chores are small and simple tasks. At the end of the day it's our children who usually live the longest in the world, not the parents. So, we being parents and wellwishers need to equip them with the skills and mindset of a better future. Teenagers could do brilliant things in life if we start to give them responsibility. They could amaze us with new ways of doing things as they are usually creative, curious and experimental. They may teach us something new, we just need to give them the chance.

Teenagers when given the right responsibilities teach them many skills used to look after themselves and others. It teaches them how to be smart and sensible or learn the consequences of taking the wrong steps. It also teaches them how to have empathy and understanding of others and the parents or guardians won’t always be there to watch over them and help them. They are they only people who can make their decisions and choices. One day or another we will have to let them leave their homes and face challenges on their own two feet.


In conclusion, their responsibilities allow them to discover their talents, form necessary habits and develop into a more responsible individual. We shouldn't stop or stand in their way cause they are individuals who need to learn and grow with responsibilities.


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