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The Impact Of Media Power In The Modern World

The discovery of the Internet was the most significant event that altered the path of history. The World Wide Web or what is known as new media or alternative media made the world feel like a small village with narrow borders, however the internet has benefits and costs.

The massive transformations that contemporary society is experiencing in the field of communication and media have led to major changes in the methods of producing, distributing and receiving information in recent years.


New communication characteristics and functions between people worldwide have spread as a result from the internet’s communication techniques and methods. The shift into new media is one of the most important features that describes the transition from one-way mass communication, homogenous content, to two-way interactive communication techniques with multiple contents.  

The function of the media has always been providing information about people’s many questions, yet, the era of speed made its mission confined to carrying other aspects that are more diverse. Due to this advancement, the role of the internet has become more influential in the modern world. 


In recent years, the size of the audience of news sites through "Facebook"or "Twitter" has become essential for the largest number of media in the world. Additionally many news publications have transitioned into online publication rather than sticking to printed newspapers.

The unlimited access to information on the internet differs it from traditional media. Since governments do not control new media at the same level that they do for traditional mass media, the internet does not have a monopoly. As long as no one's rights are violated, anybody can produce content and gain viewers.


Although the Internet can lead to an increase in disintegration and social dispersion Which appears today in families, where children and parents distance themselves from communicating with each other in a proper way, as the phone has become the largest area in our lives as individuals. The diversity of users in terms of their identities, locations and culture allows the development of new social relations. Due to the internet being global, networks of individuals who have common interests and goals can form in a way different from the past.

Therefore, from the traditional perspectives, development and social change campaigns need central planning and one-way organization. As for the media today, it is predominantly decentralized and relies a lot on individual or collective efforts. Its tools and content excel in this field due to its diversity and attractiveness to the public, which interacts with it.  In an optional and voluntary manner.


However, new technological advancements do have its own issue in the modern world. Identity has become in a very difficult situation today due to the technological development that severely reduced the relationship between societies and the creation of a special language and identity.

On the other hand, national security is closely linked to the extent of the ability to control the borders of the state and the possession of powerful intelligence services and large military tools, but at present technological means have become the common language of war, and the protection of technological devices and state information has become no less important than protecting the land borders of the state Rather dangerous.


In this context, we find that the media in the modern world has made the formation of awareness and culture in a crisis, so we can no longer accurately determine whether the information dumping on social networking sites and the multiplicity of popular opinions is the awareness of individuals or the beliefs and ideologies embraced by individuals that direct them to follow a certain intellectual belief that can be to be subversive?

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