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The Positives Of The Difference In The Difference In Creativity

What does difference mean? How does it differ in and about the difference? It is known to be the opposite of the prevailing. It is of two types: negative and positive. While the negative destroys constants and values, the positive allows for innovation due to the multiple perspectives together.


This article will focus on the positives of difference because it destroys the ability to build and develop with insight based on the educated intuition of the inherited and the coming.

The difference in creativity is achieved by analyzing the meaning of something and deviating the language from its familiarity to write what it does not know. Isn't this a new kingdom that is liberated from its imagination from the possibilities beyond it to remain in the process of formation, and renewal? Or to remain the transformed time of the written and to remain the bright intuition of non-evidence?


Accordingly, it is not the memory of anxiety alone that interacts with the inner cells of vision, but also the radiant subconscious with all its movements, transformations, and entities that push us to write the unknown with the unknown. This, in my opinion, is the secret of immortal creativity, and it attracts you like a cosmic black hole to its luminous interior, to know yourself more.


How can these possible variables overlap since the written text is the black space that is fixed in its shape - in theory - throughout time and space? How does the constant become a movement that penetrates (the horizon of expectations) through the physics of realistic reality and linguistic reality, as well as the metaphysics of language, such as dream, imagination, vision, intuition, senses, memory, hidden spirits, semantics, impact, sound, silence, hissing... etc?


If it were not for this disguised relationship, which was manifested in the form of our previous questions, the creative text would not have had this confusion resulting from the change of possibilities with the change of readings with the change of the movement of the textual constant, known as the written space.

The written space is the result of the awareness and unconsciousness of the language at the same time. This system of language is reflected in a state of mutual mirrors, from the being of the creative person as a person who carries in his genes his cultural, emotional, and active stock.


Additionally, it carries the interactions of these elements in his heritage as a collective memory and individual personal memory, and as an active imagination in which the chemical exchange of the movement of consciousness and subconsciousness intertwined with light, shadow, color, sound, and echo takes place. Silence, depth, and its fluctuations between concealment, exposure, occultation, isolation, and openness.


From here, from this imaginary effect, the reading act begins, forming by itself visible meteors that maneuver the rhythms of the text in a fading that is neither annihilation nor survival. Possibilities may differ within their system as well, and this is different from the deeper depth of the systems when they attract each other to form a new space of deception.

With this difference, we may have revealed a secret of the existential difference in creativity.

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