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The Philosophical Nugget Is Artistic Willpower


Photo: "Reasons To Believe" website


The philosopher is constantly brimming with brilliant ideas that inspire artistic determination. They dwell on an isthmus between two abysses, one of which is occupied by a poet writing down their ideas and the other by an observer in search of them.


One side of the isthmus vibrates with the writing of poetry, where the poet dives into it in pursuit of their eternal emptiness, freeing themself from the relativity of life through their words. While, on the other abyss where the world floats observing the mechanisms of life, the observer is in search of another language for its eternal fullness, by which they try to control and tame life.


And between them, the philosopher struggles from the two abysses mixing on the isthmus, as he tries to construct channels of communication between non-existence and existence, fullness and emptiness. From the inevitable mixing, they hope that they will reach some result of artistic willpower.


A result that is a kind of artistic willpower. It will be the determination needed that inspires others to think for themselves and to reach conclusions that can lead to societal transformation,  Some creative ideas, outside the box, can ultimately change public opinion even if it starts against something new and unfamiliar.



Philosophical writing is a state of cognitive revitalization that intensifies the language and therefore the thought. Writers seek to infuse human intuitive energy into the reader's mind by giving them elastic vibrations to the extent where he stands on his fingertips.


This philosophy, with its easy linguistic economy, poetic rhetorical simplicity, and semantic depth, makes the writer a mixture of the scholar and the poet.


To the philosopher, language is a means to get out of the frozen constant in it by discovering forms that can absorb the fleeting changes of time. The powerful tool that is language enables thought to capture this rapid flow and seize what can preserve pride in toil towards the hadith and towards what follows it, leaving the living fossils to the old. The power of artistic willpower is formidable and can help create beautiful works of art. It is a source of inspiration that helps us to unlock our imaginations and create masterpieces that will last the test of time.


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