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The Power Of Reading In Our Imagination

Photo: Times Higher Education


Reading has been an essential part of civilization for thousands of years and good reason. Not only is it a source of knowledge, but it also helps to cultivate imagination and has a significant impact on our brains.


Getting into a habit of reading can improve our critical thinking skills, nourish our creativity and help us become more empathetic, and according to Business Insider’s infographic reading can reduce stress by up to 68%. 


First and foremost, reading helps to increase our critical thinking skills. As we process the words on the page, we are engaging in a type of active problem-solving. According to the University of Sussex, reading challenges the brain in a way that leads to a deeper understanding of the material.


Since the practice of reading requires our full attention and encourages us to analyze and interpret information, it can help us develop better decision-making abilities and increase our general intelligence.


Reading also promotes creativity and imagination. By immersing ourselves in stories and exploring new ideas, we can open our minds to new possibilities. We can use our imaginations to explore characters and settings, inspiring us to create and engage with our own stories and ideas.


Furthermore, by reading fiction, nonfiction, and poetry habitually we can gain a better understanding of the human condition, allowing us to cultivate empathy and develop a greater appreciation for art, literature, and life.


Lastly, reading can have a positive effect on our brains. According to research from Emory University[2], reading increases our brain's connectivity, which strengthens its ability to process and store information.


Regular reading activates neural pathways, which can help to improve concentration, memory, mental c, and clarity. With practice, we can build these pathways and reap the benefits of a stronger and healthier mind.


Overall, reading is an essential tool for gaining new knowledge, cultivating imagination, and improving our minds. As we read more, our brains become sharper and our imaginations soar. So get out there and start reading!


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