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The Prevalence Of Conflicts Among Middle Eastern Women And Their Aspiration For Independence

Photo: Forbes website

The Middle East has been a region with a long history of tradition and culture, which has had a substantial impact on the lives of women. Women in the Middle East are often seen to take a backseat when it comes to decision-making and leading a life dependent on their spouse.


Many are expected to get married at an early age and assume the role of a housewife where they manage a household. However, there is an increasing number of independent single women in the Middle East who are challenging the norms and choosing to live a life without those expectations.


At first glance, it may seem like independent living for a woman in the Middle East is a daunting task, however, more and more women are empowering themselves and achieving their hopes and dreams without marriage. [1] As such, it appears that this is becoming a growing trend in the region.

One of the ladies who work late and lives alone said that she loves the idea of forming a family but prefers to work and build an independent life first. In her opinion, choosing the right partner takes time and partnership life is something she does not have time for now.


There are numerous ways that these women are achieving independence. For starters, they are entering the workforce and pursuing careers that they are passionate about, allowing them to be financially independent. Through this, they gain greater autonomy and freedom, allowing them to make decisions based on their own will rather than relying on the support of a husband or family.


Living independently as a female in the Middle East can bring with it numerous benefits. Firstly, women can pursue their ambitions and goals without being limited by the expectations of traditional gender roles. This opens up a whole new world of opportunities, allowing them to focus on things that truly matter to them and make meaningful contributions to society.


Secondly, women can have a greater sense of control over their lives and can live life on their terms. Finally, independent living also brings with it a sense of liberation, as women are no longer dependent on their families or partners for financial and emotional support.


It is also important to note that although independent living for women in the Middle East can bring with it many advantages, there can also be challenges. For instance, living independently can be socially alienating and women may face discrimination due to cultural beliefs surrounding being single.


Additionally, there are still many barriers for women when it comes to accessing employment and basic rights, which can be extra difficult when trying to live independently.


Overall, living independently as a woman in the Middle East is becoming increasingly accepted and there are now more opportunities than ever for women in the region to pursue their ambitions, take control of their lives, and live life on their own accord without marriage.


With that being said, although there can be unique challenges when it comes to independent living in the Middle East, these are far outweighed by the long-term benefits that come with increased independence and autonomy.[2

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