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What About Democrats and Their Shady Welfare Programs?

Ketia Valme|| Sunday June 26, 2022|| 10:56 AM EST


We live in a social facade, and it all stems from unethical promises and offers that the Democratic party brings. I am passionate about bringing light to the shadiness that occurs within welfare and this idea of relying on the government for help. 


The democratic party has been around for decades and is here to show that it is better for society because it provides aid in ways that Republicans fail to do. We need to steer from the surface and go deeper into the welfare support and who it's benefiting. Welfare is one of the most extensive programs offered to minorities, but is the agenda behind it really what the government makes it out to be? Although we fail to admit it –it's the regime that created legitimate racially segregated benefits in social insurance and public assistance and fair racial discrimination in employment and housing. The welfare state that Democrats molded our society into made it extremely hard for minorities to ever be successful because of the racial discrimination they face when looking for a job and getting an education. The Democratic party portrays itself as the better side that minorities should be rooting for and titles anybody who disagrees with their way of doing things to be prejudiced. Minorities place themselves on the Democratic side, not realizing that we are being used as puppets for Democrats to stay on top of the political race. If minorities are allowed the independence that will help them strive, it will result in the loss of Democratic support, hence the development of dependability –welfare. The overshadowed segregation within the welfare system effectively blinds our society into playing right into the government's palm. Welfare could be great for the community, but not until minorities who are part of the system aren't treated as an unbearing embarrassment. People on welfare are usually viewed as weak or less than –especially with the negative connotation the conversation brings in the media. Democrats use minorities through welfare where many working-class single mothers don't feel the need to work anymore because they receive better aid from the government when they aren't making a livable wage. When these mothers are ready to start working again, finding and keeping a job becomes challenging. It is justified that single mothers on welfare have it more accessible than those who work to get paid $7-$9 an hour. This convinces a lot of independent mothers to settle for the government's aid. Welfare is a program that benefits people more if they are either single or not working.

 Making Ends Meet 

 Most people indulged in the program are single mothers of Color because to get the government's help, they must not have a husband there to live up to the benefits with them. Yes –broken Black families stem from welfare just as much as red lining and the justice system does. The rules and regulations for it are sure to influence mothers to push fathers away from their families so that they cater to the requirements that are helping them get through. 


I can't help but question the logic behind the Democratic party just as much as I examine the Republicans. While Republicans are transparent with their hideous beliefs, Democrats carry a lot of insincerity within their promises and their goals towards the people keeping them in power. It's conflicting to dwell on because transparency beats dishonesty, but who do we trust when we realize neither side is rooting for us?

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