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Why Working From Home Can Improve Productivity or Diminish It

With cities like Toronto having a population of over 6 million people and growing, there has been a major increase in traffic congestion, particularly during rush hour. This has resulted in long commutes at times and a significant impact on the quality of life for many living in Toronto.

However, in recent years since the pandemic, a lot of work has moved to remote work. Many companies have embraced this approach, allowing their employees to work from the comfort of their own homes.

The benefits of working from home are many. For one, you don’t need to commute for hours just to get to work. This reduces a lot of stress and saves money and a lot of time. This can have a major impact on productivity as the employees can have more time to focus on their work rather than arrive at an office feeling completely drained. Not only this, but many employees can spend more time with their families after work instead of being stuck in major traffic jams for hours. They could also pursue different hobbies or dive into interests that they were never able to before because of the commute to work.

Another benefit of remote work is that it allows employees to work in an environment that fits their particular needs. Such as being in a quiet environment or being able to work while listening to music in the comfort of their own homes. This can also result in higher productivity.

However, in areas where traffic is not that bad, such as cities that aren’t as busy as Toronto, is working from home necessary? As humans are social beings, being able to go to a physical office and interact with people in person is very important for our mental health. At home, you aren’t getting that connection with your colleagues. Sure, you can meet them on Zoom. But it’s not the same as being in the same room with them. Working from home could make you feel very isolated and lonely.

Not only this but working from home could leave you more prone to being distracted. Especially with pets, housework, or other responsibilities. This can make it very hard to be productive throughout the day. With being home, it could also be harder to maintain a consistent work schedule when you are not within a structured office setting.


While remote work has become increasingly popular in recent years, it is not without its issues. While it can be an amazing solution for those living in busy cities like Toronto with long commuting times, it may not be as necessary for less populated cities. While the benefits of working from home include increased productivity and the ability to work in the perfect environment that fits the employee's needs, it can also become too comfortable, leading to feelings of isolation, and loneliness, and leaving you distracted. It is important to truly weigh the pros and cons of remote work if you are looking to consider whether it is right for you or not. It will ultimately come down to individual preference and the circumstances you are under, but it is clear that remote work has become an increasingly targeted option in today’s society.

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