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ISU Figure Skating Prepares for the 2022 Junior Grand Prix

Photo Courtesy of ISU Figure Skating's Official Twitter


The International Skating Union's official Twitter account announced the finalized dates and locations for this year's ISU Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating on August 17. Starting on August 24, the Junior Grand Prix will first be held in Courchevel, France, where the world's next generation of figure skaters will compete for the title.

The Junior Grand Prix series, which consists of seven events leading up to the final, is held in ice arenas around the world. Figure skaters at the junior level can compete between the ages of 13 and 19, according to the ISU's official website (21 for the male Ice Dance and Pair Skating partners). The competition uses a point system, and as competitors compete, they accumulate points in their short and long programs. Only the top six figure skaters/pairs advance to the final, which will be held this year in Torino, Italy.

The International Skating Union also released an official teaser video on YouTube, featuring the figure skaters and the major cities involved in the event. The seven competitions will take place in cities in Czech Republic, Latvia, Armenia, Poland, and Italy.

Figure skaters can compete in four different disciplines: women, men, pairs, and ice dance. However, the official ISU website lists only women's, men's, and ice dance events for this year's Junior Grand Prix, implying that no pair events will be held as of now.

The Junior Grand Prix is an opportunity for aspiring figure skaters to showcase their abilities on an international stage. Because the junior level of figure skating is right behind the senior level, this competition series allows them to gain experience in their sport on a much larger platform, preparing them for their senior level debut.

Figure skaters who are well-known in the international skating world are mostly at the senior level, such as Nathan Chen, Mariah Bell, Madison Chock, and Evan Bates from the United States. Their names have been recognized for competing and placing well in international senior events such as the ISU World Figure Skating Championships and the ISU Grand Prix, and it all began with moving up the ranks in many US figure skating competition series such as the Junior Grand Prix and National Figure Skating Championships.

With the beginning of a new figure skating season, this upcoming competition series will reveal the eagerly anticipated talent and ambition of junior figure skaters who represent their country's best of the best. Though the Junior Grand Prix may not receive as much attention in the news and media, it is an important step toward recognizing the future of the figure skating community worldwide.


Edited By: Dawlat Al Hennawy

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