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Sean Taylor Memorial Unveiled At FedEx Field

Photo Credits To ESPN


The legendary NFL safety Sean Taylor was presented with a memorial within FedEx Field in Washington, D.C. Taylor was an exciting and fierce player that the whole league enjoyed watching and playing alongside. The National, Football League community will forever remember his defensive capabilities for the short time he played. Taylor played three and a half seasons with the Washington Redskins (now named the Commanders) from 2004 to 2007. Even though Taylor had a short career, he was regarded as having the potential to become one of the greatest safeties the NFL has ever seen.


Photo Credits To Fox News


On November 26, 2007, Taylor heard noises throughout his Miami home and suspected that a burglary was occurring. Four armed men attempted to rob his house until Taylor took matters into his own hands. While confronting one of the intruders, he was shot in his upper leg. The wound led to a massive amount of blood loss that would ultimately become fatal the next day. He was only 24 years old. 


On November 27, 2007, the league and fans worldwide were shocked to hear that he had passed away. A tragic event prevented a promising football star from ever playing the sport where he excelled again.


As a salute to Taylor, the Washington Commanders revealed his memorial on the 15th anniversary of his death. The product consists of his uniform, helmet, and gloves placed in an upright position. The memorial is surrounded by a glass platform, with lights illuminating the piece. The front of the memorial features a plaque commemorating the efforts and skills Taylor brought to the team during his time there.


Sean Taylor Memorial

Photo Credits To NBC Washington


However, fans of the Commanders and around the NFL are not pleased with how the piece looks. Some fans have complained that the memorial looks like a "mannequin." Others have mentioned that the monument was sloppy and that the commander's organization did not take the time or consideration to create something of more excellent value. Some felt that remembering Taylor's legacy required more than a uniform collection. Commander fans took to Twitter to state how other teams around the league create massive statues for things of less significance.


Despite the negative feedback, the family of Sean Taylor has full support for the memorial. Jackie, Taylor's daughter, cherished the moment, stating, “It was beautiful.” She expressed that she loved the simplistic details, such as every piece of his uniform and how he wore them.


The Taylor family has no complaints about the memorial and is glad that a piece of his legacy will forever remain within the franchise. Taylor will be remembered as a star-studded safety with many highlights that made people appreciate his attributes toward the game. More importantly, Taylor is commemorated for how he was a hero to his family by sacrificing his own life to protect them.

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