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Taylor Swift Cheers on Travis Kelce at Chief's Game Amidst Dating Rumors

Taylor Swift is the name known around the world. The thirty-three-year-old pop star has been a household name since she was fifteen, writing songs about heartbreak in her home in Philadelphia. However, she has been in the spotlight ever since, and that includes all of her infamous relationships. From John Meyer to Joe Alwyn, fans have been relatively kept in the loop about Swift’s love life. With new beau Travis Kelce in the picture, fans are questioning who is he? 

Travis Kelce is a thirty-three-year-old tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League (NFL). Drafted by the chiefs in 2013 and later achieving two Super Bowl wins in 2020 and 2023, Kelce is well known within the football world. Alongside his brother Jason Kelce, center for the Philadelphia Eagles of the NFL, they have a podcast called, New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce. On this podcast they talk about a range of topics including football games, draft picks, family memories, funny stories, and as of recent episodes Taylor Swift herself. 

Pop icon Taylor Swift was brought up amid conversation of Travis Kelce attending Swift’s concert on his team’s home turf at the Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. Swifts fan’s, also known as “Swifties”, have a tradition of making and sharing friendship bracelets during the concert. Kelce shares during a recording of his podcast which aired on July 26, that he wanted to meet up with Swift prior to the show. Kelce jokingly states he wanted to give her a friendship bracelet with his number on it, but she was not willing to meet up with anyone before the show to save her voice. Despite this, Travis has now thrown the ball in Taylor’s court. 

These romance rumors sparked amidst news of the breakup between Swift and her six year lover Joe Alwyn. Kelce himself getting out of a long term relationship with sports journalist Kayla Nicole only a year ago as well, makes as if the stars aligned for Swift and Kelce. However, these seem to be anything but rumors as time and circumstance keep coming at play. Including hints dropped from Jason Kelce, ESPN, and the NFL themselves! Brother Kelce pleads the fifth when asked questions about Travis’s love life, saying to Prime’s Thursday night football panel, “I don’t really know what’s going on there, but I know Travis is having fun and we’ll see what happens with whoever he ends up with.” Meanwhile, sport commentators continue to make fun during live interviews and football games. This includes referencing Taylor Swift song names alongside touchdowns made by Kelce, or acknowledging Taylor Swift as Travis Kelce’s celebrity crush. 

Though interviewees kept trying-and failing-to get an answer out of Jason Kelce, they decided it was time to ask the main characters themselves. During an interview with The Pat McAfee Show , Kelce says he “threw the ball in [Swift’s] court” by inviting her to see him play at a game at Arrowhead stadium.   Assuming it is only fair as he saw her perform a three hour live show doing what she does best, she should return the favor. Back in his team’s home stadium where Taylor Swift can fully see Travis Kelce in his element, running for a touchdown and doing his winning dance (objectively a fan favorite of the game). However, at thus point there is still no true confirmation of a romance between the two. Everything is speculation and rumours, and fans alike are grasping at straws. Except that all came to halt when Taylor Swift shows up to Arrowhead Stadium for a Kansas City Chiefs game, of course. 

On September 24, 2023 there is scheduled to be the first showdown of the football season between the Chicago Bears and the Kansas City Chiefs on the Chiefs home turf. As fans crowd into the stadium and families sit behind the television at home to watch the game, the camera seems to pan into the family box halfway through the first quarter. We spot Donna Kelce, also known as “Momma Kelce” mother to both Travis and Jason who rarely misses one of her son’s games. However, it is hard to miss the blonde pop princess sitting next to her, Taylor Swift herself. The crowd goes wild as she pops up on the jumbo screen, with bold letters of her name and twelve time grammy award winner right underneath it. The camera then hits quarterback of the Cheifs Patrick Mahomes standing next to Travis Kelce on the field, both of them looking up and waving at Taylor. 

Kelce, with Swift finally at one of his games, is on a mission for a show off. Soon into the third quarter, thanks to a three yard throw from Mahomes, Kelce scores a touchdown for his team. While the tight end does his celebratory dance withs pats on the back from his team mates, the camera pans to the family box. Where Momma Kelce claps on the glass with a smile on her face, and Swift cheers and jumps to her feet. Taylor Swift enjoys watching the rest of the game alongside Travis’s close friends and family and indulging in stadium snacks, and the Kansas City Chiefs secure a win of 41-10. The night ends with honeymooners Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce being spotted leaving the stadium together and getting into Kelce’s vehicle. 

Though Kelce and Swift have, finally, been spotted together…are the rumors confirmed to be true? A question neither here or there about the budding romance between the two, as fans have all the answers they seem to be getting as of right now. Alike to what brother Jason Kelce said, the pair seem to just be having fun and figuring things out. While Taylor Swift is off tour and getting ready for the re-release of her album 1989 Taylor’s Version, hopefully fans will get to see her at more Kansas City Chiefs games wearing number 87. As for now, let’s just hope Kelce only ever has love songs written about him on Taylor Swifts next album.

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