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Navigating the Virtual Frontier: Embrace or Resist the Digital Shift?

In an era where companies are capitalizing on the flourishing market of virtual reality (VR), the question arises: Can the virtual world become our reality? With VR becoming increasingly accessible and prices dropping, the recent release of Facebook's new VR glasses adds fuel to the fire.

The VR Revolution

As we witness this technological revolution, one must wonder whether we are all at risk of falling behind. Complete  abstinence from VR may be the key to resisting the movement. The rise of cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin as a prime example, is often perceived as anti-bank and capable of creating a new society. With various cryptocurrencies emerging, one could potentially live in a VR world, own virtual land, and host digital parties.

Empowering Women in VR

Notably, some companies are creating spaces where women can thrive in the virtual realm. Many argue that the crypto market could benefit from more female dominance, attributing intuitive skills to potential significant gains.


For those who identify as techno-skeptics, the rapid evolution of the virtual world may induce a sense of apprehension. The question lingers: adapt or risk falling behind? Perhaps the VR evolution might not fully materialize. Despite its potential, concerns about the societal impact of a VR-dominated world persist.

The Power of Technology

There is a transformative power in technology; for some, tracking cookies and algorithms enhance online experiences. This, however, raises concerns about privacy and the eerie feeling of technology. It  seems to read one's mind by recommending products which have been thought about, but not explicitly searched.

Freedom Erosion or Enhancement?

This can lead to erosion of freedom in the modern world through the dichotomy presented by technology. While it provides personalized and efficient experiences through the use of cookies, it is also a tool for government control. The Brexit elections are an example of how technology was utilized for propaganda and misinformation, fostering different narratives for individuals based on their political beliefs.

Government Manipulation and Reclaiming Freedom

The crucial question emerges: Is technology being weaponized by governments to manipulate results in their favor? We need to reclaim technology's liberating potential and make it free again. In a world where the virtual and the real intersect, the balance between progress and privacy becomes an imperative consideration.

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