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The world's most important technology fair, CES 2023, continues to amaze its visitors

Friendly robots, medical devices, but also intelligent options for saving electricity are just some of the innovations with which more than 3000 companies present at the event delighted the public.

Innovation, practicality, and entertainment go hand in hand these days at CES 2023, in Las Vegas.


Among the stars of the day on Friday was the dog with circuits: DOG-E. It is an interactive toy, which costs between 70 and 100 dollars, depending on the features that the customer wants. It works with an app and can be customized.

It can tell the difference between objects it touches and people touching it. It has sensors on the top of the head, and nose, and the same on the sides of the body. And he enjoys it every time you play with him.

In addition, DOG-E can even be set to learn a few tricks and can also initiate the children into the mysteries of programming.

This represents a great toy and a companion in the case of parents not wanting to buy a real dog for the little ones.



At CES, there is no shortage of equipment designed to help those who spend a lot of time on their feet. For example, one of these types of equipment costs around $3,400.

In the center of attention are also medical devices, which can be used at home.

Among them is a device that is supposed to help us get rid of allergies, including ragweed allergy. It will soon be available to patients in the United States and costs $70. It works like a small air purifier.


There are also solutions for athletes. A compressor for muscle recovery is also used by the athlete Gabby Thomas, who won the bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics last year. She explained to the PRO TV News team how it works.

Gabby Thomas: “We turn it on by pressing this button. And it gets very hot, very fast."

Experiences in immersive reality attracted the most attention. Companies offer special equipment to virtually explore the world, but also much simpler options, which require our presence.


The printer that dyes your hair in any shade was also presented at CES. "It can apply a nice color temporarily. And then when you shampoo it's gone." Users need an app, with which they choose the color, then simply run the strands through the dye device.


Next up were the drones and they're not just any kind of drone...but people-carrying ones. As flying taxis are still quite far from the time when they will be circulating in cities due to the infrastructure, this drone was created to make the work of farmers easier.


"If you're a farmer and it's the rainy season and you want to go out and check a plot of land, you have to walk today because you don't want to get your car in the mud. Or it's much easier to fly there and land right there and a mile away in your field."


Such a means of transport will be costly, however, approximately $150,000. The manufacturers estimate that they will launch the drone in the market towards the end of autumn.

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