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American XL Bully Attack in Battersea

 Image Credit: istockphoto by Gettyimages

The ‘America XL bully’ dog breed has come under tight restrictions under legislation in response to some  attacks reported to be associated with the breed. XL bullies are categorized as a large and muscular dog breed according to the UK government's guide on how to identify the dog.


Following a decision to ban the breed in December of 2023, XL bully owners came together to  protest against the policy. The clause stated that the dogs must not be taken off of a lead and that a muzzle must be worn by the breed in public spaces.


Additionally, new laws followed that eventually made it illegal to own the breed without a certified document of certification by the government. Taking to the streets of London, rallies gathered around Downing Street, the home of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, in hopes to prevent the ban from going through. After these protests in solidarity with the breed, reports about the breed slowly decreased, until today.


Police officers in Battersea were called at approximately 10 pm on Monday the 18th of March regarding a violent attack on four individuals made by an American XL bully. Upon the arrival of the police, the four men who were attacked were rushed to hospital. The hospital has confirmed that the injuries sustained are not life-altering or fatal.


Regardless, the Met Police decided that the dog would be shot, stating that it was a difficult call for the unit to deal with. Upon this decision, both a 21-year-old woman and a 22-year-old man have been arrested for the ownership of a dangerous dog that is out of control. They will both remain in police custody until a decision is made on whether they will be prosecuted.


After these events unfolded, the police publicly stated that further examination would be undertaken to confirm that it was the breed of the dog that caused the attack. After officially being added to the dangerous dog list in October of 2023, it is clear that the UK government must take steps and restrictions based on recent attacks to combat further harm.


In the first statement made since the attack by the government, Labour MP in Battersea Marsha de Cordova stated on X, “My thoughts and prayers are with those injured in the attack.” As police investigations continue, American XL Bully owners wait in anticipation, concerned that the attack in Battersea on Monday will impact the already restrictive guidance on ownership imposed on the breed.


If you have any information on the attack in Battersea, police are urging the general public to get in touch with law enforcement. Witnesses have been told to call 101 and quote case number CAD7620/19THMAR for any further information regarding the attack.


Edited by: Ayantika Ghosh


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