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Humanova’s Founder Enhances Gen Z and Entrepreneurial Community Through In-Person Experiences

When you are getting to know Nova Pierre Louis you immediately get engulfed in her account of moving to the United States and balancing school life with owning multiple businesses. Previously, Nova, being a guest speaker for TED Talk, cites herself as a ‘multipotentialite,’ worked for companies such as Boss Me In. She is currently building her two businesses, Quotable and Humanova.

Additionally, Nova has started posting more curated content on her LinkedIn profile about topics such as entrepreneurship, Gen Z, job searching, and humanizing businesses. As well as launching a YouTube Channel, Nova’s Nation,  that follows her journey as a solopreneur. In this article, I will talk about Louis' launch party for Humanova, her wake-up call that led to her move to the United States, being an entrepreneur, and helping others navigate their own life and journey.

“I am trying to love what I do and make people love it,” said Nova Pierre Louis, founder of Quotable and Humanova.

The Joyful Kickoff Launch

Recently, on January 19, the start-up company Humanova hosted the first of hopefully many events called The Joyful Kickoff in the New York Metropolitan Area. This free community event aimed to differentiate itself from the typical networking event and to ‘create experiences that people will never forget.’

“It’s all about networking but not like normal, traditional networking. It's not like corporate networking. It’s networking but fun. We had painting. We had music. We had jokes. It was fun. It was a vibe,” said Louis.

Humanova’s The Joyful Kickoff had approximately 11 attendees, which is coming from an impending snowstorm warning and a possible party cancellation the day prior, and is hoping to expand the audience attendance and engagement rate by hosting more events and having more diverse groups of people in different industries attend. Louis has already decided on the next ‘experience’ theme to be speed networking, a play on the concept of speed dating. 

“For the first event, I wanted to see how that's going to go. What is the vibe? How can I move forward? What resonates with people? Do people like the idea? Is it a product that's viable? So that was the first goal, to test out everything,” said Louis. “The second goal was to bring awareness to the company. Tell people what we are about and make sure that we are on top of their minds.”

Humanova was created in December 2023 and was specifically designed to help create memorable moments that help increase dopamine, leading to increased happiness for Gen Zers, entrepreneurs, creators, founders, business professionals, etc. The first event took place in the New York Metropolitan Area. Still, Louis hopes that the team will work towards having different ambassadors or different event coordinators across the U.S. to be able to host more Humanova events. 

“The biggest thing that anybody can do for themselves is not to live only for themselves,” said Louis. “I find so much joy and so much purpose when I am able to help others, when I  am able to help others either grow, achieve their goals, or do anything that they are passionate about. I find more joy when I am able to listen to others. I find more joy when I am able to connect with others. So, when you live a life, and you’re not only living for yourself, there is so much more out there for you to enjoy, for you to be proud of.”

Louis’ Background

Previously, Louis moved to the United States from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, by herself in July 2021, when COVID-19 had become prominent across the country and many restrictions were in place. During her TED Talk titled “Growing Up in an Era of Exponential Change,” Louis shared moments that led up to moving to New York, which included a kidnapping attempt, gang violence, and government protests that were happening in Haiti at that time. While Louis always intended to go to America for her college education, this encounter sped up her moving timeline, and Louis started her journey in New York, which she describes as a time that ‘still has a big impact for me because it was a very traumatizing period.’

“Trying to navigate loneliness was one of the biggest adjustments, and then it's a whole different country, a whole different culture. The way I speak now is different than when I first got in. There are a lot of different shifts. A lot of different adjustments that I had to make that I didn’t notice that I made until I was like,’ Oh, I’m fitting in now,’ said Louis.

Since then, Louis has graduated high school, created two businesses, built her group of friends, which she calls her “chosen family,” and is currently in her senior year of college.  This is in addition to her devoting most of her time to Quotable, inspired by Louis’ love for LinkedIn. She is now helping other entrepreneurs and business professionals with consulting and helping them create content.

People & Profit podcast

This work has extended into Louis creating a newly released podcast called People & Profit. Louis invites other inspirational entrepreneurs, creators, and Gen Z to share how they balance making money in the business and caring for the people. The first few episodes include topics such as employee retention, fashion, and sustainability, leading up to the third episode, which will be about the nonprofit world, and the fourth episode about startups. 

“As business professionals, as people into entrepreneurship, one of your main goals is to make money,” said Louis. “If you are not making money from your business, you don't have a business. You have a hobby. So, the main goal is always to make money but I am only working, only connecting, only continuing a relationship with people who, yes, understand that you have to make money but not at the detriment of people. Not at the cost of people because people make you money.”

Louis believes that people and profit can coexist and continues to navigate this balance within her own life. At the moment, Louis is trying to improve her mental health, find a job, run two businesses, and produce content that makes her happy, all while trying to leave an impact on other people’s lives. 

“I want to be able to impact someone, at least one person, in every single thing I do,” said Louis.

In Conclusion, Louis’ long-term goal is to grow her businesses and make enough money to afford living and then go back and help people in Haiti. As of now, you can find Louis continuing her mission to humanize businesses with other entrepreneurs, business professionals, and creators through her podcast, People & Profit, her consulting brand, Quotable, and her community enhancer initiative, Humanova. 

Image provided by Nova Pierre Louis


Edited by Whitney Edna Ibe


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