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Street Artist Banksy’s Latest Masterstroke in London

 Image Credit: Time Out


After a mysterious piece mural appeared on the side of a block of flats in Finsbury Park earlier this week. People in the local area have been speculating whether the work was done by widely acclaimed street artist Banksy. It was not until Banksy himself confirmed that the piece was his own on Instagram on Monday that crowds flocked towards the piece for a perfect photo opportunity.


The artwork is behind a tree that has no leaves on its branches. The wall is covered in green paint mimicking what once would have been the tree’s foliage. Banksy is a political street artist, prompting many to believe that the art is meant to underscore a discussion around nature in urban parts of cosmopolitan cities such as London.


Residents speculate that this particular tree is said to be around 50 years old, with a decrease in its health being a factor for its decline in leaves on its branches. Although there has been a concerted effort from the local government to maintain its state, the tree has remained bare for almost half of the year. This provided the perfect place for Banksy to work under.


Unlike other street art that has been taken down by Islington council, the local government has stated that they will be keeping this piece up, stating that it is an enhancement for the environment and local economy. What was once a bare wall has now become a hustling site of political conversation, the aim of Banksy’s work illuminated by audience reactions. One of the residents in the area reflects the views of the general public in response to the art, stating that it is a fantastic pull for the local area. 


He stated that“I’m absolutely delighted to see this on our street – I think it’s great and sends a strong message, I’d like to see more of it, to be honest, the more the merrier. I think it’s probably one of his biggest pieces in a while - and the fact he’s done it on the wall means it can’t just be stolen or easily removed,” in an interview with The Guardian.


Banksy’s choice of location for the artwork was purposeful, after a promise from the local council in Islington to plant more than 90 trees in the area last year. To achieve this goal, perhaps Banksy saw this as the perfect place to reward such momentous objectives.


Banksy’s work is reflective of a wider conversation to be had about conservation efforts in the UK. Street art gives viewers a chance to reflect on how they use the landscape around them, catalysed significantly by the rapid pace of consumerism. Look at you London residents, a Banksy may be coming your way!


Edited By: Ayantika Ghosh


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