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The disastrous Willy Wonka Experience leads to mural inspiration

Instagram mural artist ‘Ejek98’ posted his latest work on the Clydeside mural wall three days ago, featuring the world-renowned Willy Wonka Experience. The event went viral due to its false advertising, horrendous sets, cheap props, and ridiculous pricing. The mural artist even commented on his post that he couldn't resist, forever imprinting this disastrous memory on the minds of Glasgow inhabitants. 


The mural recreated the scenes of the costumed staff (Kirsty Paterson) who dressed as the 'Oompa Loompa' and 'The Unknown' that became popular internet memes as the event unfolded. So, what exactly happened during that infamous event that made such a fuss on the internet and even inspired a piece of artwork up until today? 


The Willy Wonka experience in Glasgow, scheduled for 24-25 February, was inspired by Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the recently released movie Wonka

The official website of the event is indeed a visual feast of colourful candies in various shapes and sizes, with the promise of an "Enchanted Garden," a "Twilight Tunnel," and an "Imagination Lab." 


Nevertheless, the venue was never an "Indulge[ence] in a chocolate fantasy like never before" but an abandoned-looking empty warehouse filled with "embarrassed actors," "sad-looking props, and a bouncy castle." Unsurprisingly, the children were definitely not happy being handed half a cup of lemonade and some jelly beans. Not to mention that the website is, unfortunately, completely AI-generated; even the script given to the hired actors was also AI-generated. 


In addition, there was a lack of order and organisation at the event. The last-minute preparation and improvising of actors led to the eventual fiasco. According to Felicia, the teenage actress who played 'The Unknown,' there wasn't even a rehearsal before the event started, and "it was going so wrong." 


The experience escalated when it was cancelled mid-way by the organiser, the House of Illuminati, shutting out parents and kids who arrived later at the venue. Frustrated parents who demanded refunds soon became angry mobs that attracted the police's attention. 


Apart from the false adverts, clueless actors and angry mobs, one thing that made the experience even more nightmarish was that there was no chocolate!

Edited By: Josh Reidelbach

Photo: @ejek98 on Instagram 



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