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UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's Visit to Pinewood Studios

Credit: STEFAN ROUSSEAU/Getty images
On January 22, 2024, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak visited Pinewood Studios to explore the famous film production facility and meet the apprentices and trainees who work behind the scenes.

As mentioned on the Pinewood Studios website, Sunak said, “It was fantastic to visit the iconic Pinewood Studios today to see first-hand the work of talented crews who have powered some of the biggest blockbuster films.”

Pinewood Studios, nestled in the heart of the United Kingdom, stands as an iconic symbol of the nation's contribution to the global film industry. Home to legendary James Bond films and a host of other blockbuster franchises, including Disney, Marvel, and Lucas Film productions.

Sunak noted Pinewood Studios' role in producing highly skilled employment, infusing millions into the UK economy, and developing the next generation of British creative talent through apprenticeships and trainee programs. Sunak said the studios will keep the UK a top filming location for centuries.

Sunak highlighted the government's recent increase in tax credits for British film, high-end TV, and video game creators to boost the creative sectors. To maximize the UK's cutting-edge production industry's potential and strengthen its worldwide stature.

Rishi Sunak praised Pinewood Studios in the video posted on LinkedIn and stated, “When it comes to creativity, nobody does it better than the UK, and our film studios are more in demand than those in Hollywood. We’ve created some of the most iconic costumes that you’ll recognise from the movies, including this 1989 Batman mask.

British locations are completely iconic. In fact, 2/3 of tourists to our country come here having seen something in a movie. One of my personal favourites is obviously at home in North Yorkshire; Mallam Cove is used for Harry Potter and, of course, Scotland for Skyfall. Even films that aren’t made here in the UK come here to use our world-class post-production facilities.

Two nominated movies at the BAFTA Film Awards, Saltburn and All of Our Strangers, were sound-mixed right here at Pinewood. Over 2000 people a day work here, and Pinewood is on its way to being the largest studio complex anywhere in the world.”

The demand for British film studios is even greater than that for Hollywood's illustrious companies. With its iconic costumes and ability to entice millions of tourists who come to the UK after being mesmerized by its picturesque scenery, the UK film industry has a wide-ranging influence. The versatility of the industry is evident not only in creating film sets for productions worldwide but also in providing world-class post-production facilities that attract films from around the globe.


Pinewood Studios is rapidly growing to become the largest studio complex in the world, employing approximately 2000 people every day. The studio complex employs over 2.4 million people nationwide and produces an astonishing £126 billion in revenue annually. This enormous effect highlights the UK's film and television industry as a global powerhouse that profoundly influences the cultural and economic landscapes.

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