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10,000 lanterns lit up to commemorate Makha Bucha



10,000 lanterns are lit up in the Dhammakaya temple in Thailand’s Pathum Thani to commemorate Makha Bucha, one of Buddhism’s holiest holidays. This Thai temple is lit up with a sea of lanterns to make this day memorable. The monks chant mantras and carry lanterns on this day. The holy mantras fill the air and make this day memorable. People light candles and pray in front of these lanterns.


Makha Bucha which is also known as Magha Puja by many is observed by Buddhist. Makha Bucha is observed to commemorate the meeting of Buddha and his first 1,200 disciples. Each of the followers was a disciple who had been enlightened and already attained Nirvana. The disciples were said to have gained knowledge about the true nature of existence and attained nirvana.


Buddha is believed to have given the core principles of Buddhism. This teaching is based on how to refrain from evil, do what's good and cleanse one’s mind. Makha or Magha is the month and Bucha or Puja is the prayer. Makha Bucha is celebrated to remember the meeting of Buddha and his first 1,200 disciples. His disciples then became monks after getting this teaching to spread the principles of Buddhism.


Buddhists believe that Buddha continued to teach the core principles for two decades. It was later taken by the Buddhist Sangha.227 rules make up the monastic discipline code observed by the monks. About 44 years after this partmmicular day, Buddha announced that within three months he would die and achieve nirvana after that.


This day is also called Sangha Day. It is celebrated in parts of Myanmar, Thailand,Combodia and Sri Lanka.


In Thailand temples often organize candlelight processions around the orientation wall in the evening. The other traditions are giving alms, meditation, listening to Buddhist sermons, as well as abstaining from alcohol.

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