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Argentina Turns to the Right: Javier Milei Elected President

Javier Milei, the representative of ultra liberalism, won the presidential elections in Argentina, overtaking Peronist Sergio Massa. Preliminary results indicate a robust victory for Milei. The Argentine presidential election culminated in Javier Milei's victory over the incumbent Economy Minister, Sergio Massa. This result represents a significant turning point in the country's politics.

With 86.59% of the votes counted, Milei gathered 55.95% of the valid votes, while Massa received 44.04%. Even before the official results were released, Massa led his defeat, congratulating Milei. Underlining the importance of peaceful coexistence and dialogue in a context of growing polarization.

With an aggressive speech against what he calls the “political caste,” Milei is often compared to the far-right former president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro. Or the former President of the United States, Donald Trump, whom he says he admires.

These were the most challenging elections in the last 40 years, since the return to democracy after the last military dictatorship in Argentina. His promises involve the “dollarization” of the economy, the closure of the Central Bank, and the privatization of education and health.

At the international level, Milei recorded important victories among Argentines residing in Spain and Italy. He received 69% of the votes in Spain and 58% in Italy. On the other hand, Massa prevailed in France and Sweden, revealing division in the origins of Argentines residing abroad.

Despite coinciding with a national holiday, electoral participation remained stable compared to the first round. Approximately 76% of voters voted, according to Argentina's National Electoral Chamber (CNE). Polling stations were open from 8 am to 6 pm. Argentine legislation imposes mandatory voting for citizens between 18 to 70 years old. It prohibits the publication of electoral polls on the eve and day of the election, increasing uncertainty regarding the results until the last moment.

In 2021, Milei rose to prominence on the Argentine political scene after he and his La Libertad Avanza allies won 5 Chamber seats in legislative elections. In the city of Buenos Aires, the coalition received 310 thousand votes (or 17% of the total), finishing the election in 3rd place. At the time, the Argentine already declared his intention to be elected president. From this point on, the economist's popularity began to grow even more. Due to his appearances on TV and radio programs, in which Milei called Argentine politicians “rats” who form a “parasitic caste”.

Javier Milei's rise to power marked a crucial moment for Argentina, pointing to a potential change in the country's political and economic orientation. With this new leadership, Argentina enters a new era, with the world closely watching Milei's next steps in leading the country's future.


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