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David Cameron Faces Backlash From Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Over Appeal For US To Pass Ukraine Aid

Former British Prime Minister David Cameron has received criticism from far-right Republican Rep. and Trump ally, Marjorie Taylor Greene, for his comments about US aid to Ukraine. The exchange has gained widespread attention and sparked a renewed debate about America’s role in the conflict.

Speaking to Sky News at the Capitol on Wednesday (February 14) Greene said, “I think he tried to compare us to Hitler and if that’s the kind of language he wants to use, I really have nothing to say to him”.

Greene was asked whether she was “an appeaser for Putin” to which she answered, “I really don’t care what David Cameron has to say” before calling out his “rude name calling”. She said, “David Cameron needs to worry about his own country and frankly he can kiss my ass”.

The congresswoman for Georgia’s 14th district later followed up on X (@RepMTG) and said the Foreign Secretary “should be concerned about the Nazi’s in Ukraine’s army, the Azov Battalion”. Greene claimed she was “sick of the absurd name calling” and wouldn’t be bullied “into funding the war in Ukraine”.

MTG, as she is otherwise known, was elected to the House of Representatives in 2020 and is a self-proclaimed “proud American, 100% pro-life, pro-gun, pro-Trump”.

During an appearance at the New York Young Republican Club in December 2022, Greene declared “we would have won” and “it would have been armed” on January 6, 2021 had she been organising the insurrection at the Capitol. Following criticism from the White House, the congresswoman later claimed she was making a “sarcastic joke”.

In 2021 she was removed from her House committee assignments over racist comments, conspiracy theories and endorsement of violence against Democratic officials. Greene also compared mask mandates and vaccinations during the Covid-19 pandemic, to the Holocaust.

Greene’s comments on Wednesday were in response to a recent op-ed by Foreign Secretary David Cameron in The Hill. In the piece, the former British PM referred to the “special relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom” and praised the Senate for passing the funding package for Ukraine.

He added that a collective total of $170 billion has already been provided by Europe, which Cameron argues “is making a difference” and costing “less than 10 percent of any national defence budget”. 

Cameron said, “we face a choice” and dropped “all diplomatic niceties” to “urge” the House to pass further funding for Ukraine. He encouraged the US to join the UK, Europe and other allies “to support Ukraine in fighting against completely unjustified aggression”.

The foreign secretary advised us not “to show the weakness displayed by Hitler in the 1930s” who “came back for more, costing us far more lives to stop his aggression”.

He added that “America is strong enough to protect itself at home and recognise that the threats in Europe or Asia affect its own security”.

David Cameron was the conservative prime minister of the United Kingdom between 2010 and 2016. He was appointed Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs by current PM Rishi Sunak, in November 2023 before being appointed to the House of Lords, as Lord Cameron of Chipping Norton, later that month.

The foreign secretary responded to Greene at a press conference in Poland on Thursday (February 15). He said he did not want “in any way to lecture American friends or tell American friends what to do” before emphasising his “deep and abiding love of the United States”. Cameron stressed his belief “in the importance of our alliance”.

On Thursday (February 15) Republican Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson pulled Friday’s scheduled vote and instead announced a two-week recess. Johnson has said previously that the House will not vote on the matter without additional border security funding.

The US has already approved $44.2billion in military aid for Ukraine but some Republicans have become sceptical of providing further funding.

MTG took to X (@RepMTG) on Friday and called those supporting aid to Ukraine “sickos” who were “obsessed with making American taxpayers pay another $60billion to Ukraine”. She said the American people “would rather spend our money on rebuilding American cities”.

Biden has expressed  “a real concern about the United States being a reliable ally” in the wake of the House’s recess. He argued it was “about time they step up” and called the decision “bizarre”.

Edited by: Kaiyah Ellison

Photo credit: Getty Images/Valdrin Xhemaj

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